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You could argue Auburn's shafting a few years back to another overhyped Pac 10 school, was the death knell of another short period of disrespect thrown at the league nationally and things have kind of flipped (if anything it might be given too much respect today--funnily, the Big 10 with the least amount of respect right now is also given too much respect).

So, in this environment seeing fans of other schools cheering for league rivals is a head scratcher unless you understand the history. I know this sounds like a complex round about way to justify me rooting for LSU when it doesn't hurt Auburn but I'm not. I'm merely stating I'm not alone.

Leagues that feel solidarity in being overlooked or shafted like the A10 or MVC or CAA (in basketball) and once upon a time SEC football (even if it was 70 years ago) develop that esprit de corps. The Big East had it a couple of years ago, when Rutgers fielded a D1 competent football team, and the wheels had yet to come off the league after being raided by the ACC.

And yes, it is atypical for the top dog league in a sport to pull for their league mates. Contrast that with ACC basketball, long the top conference in that sport, there have always been two types of fans: UNC fans and ABC fans, Anybody But Carolina. There was solidarity between Dookies and Demons and Packers and Terps to root for any team playing Carolina in conference... or out of it. They never really cheered for their other conference mates either, but they didn't cheer against them like they did UNC.

That's since changed to three groups of fans, UNC fans, ABCD fans, and Duke fans. However, few in the league except for the cellar dwellers which can only rub off the success of others, give two craps about how the conference does collectively unless it is in direct relation to how it effects them (number of bids, TV dollars etc.).

The Big 10 used to be the same way. Of late, it's gotten so much disrespect (all of it deserved) there is a bit of a change there with OSU fans advocating Michigan and vice versa. Granted saying your affiliation to your school should be so significant and your hatred for your rivals so strong that you can't possibly cheer for them is compelling. To a degree that's true. Auburn fans will never root for Alabama (and vice versa), but the rest of the league (except for maybe Georgia) are okay to cheer for on a part time basis. Therefore, I feel no lack of fandom for cheering for the local team even if it is probably Auburn's 3rd or 4th biggest rival.

Also, for a while there LSU-Auburn despite contesting the SEC West every year fought the same battles. Disrespect for their schedules, their worth on the national scene and more lately, an intense, bitter hatred of Alabama. It's odd but I feel like a lot of LSU fans pull a little bit for Auburn (when it doesn't effect them) and vice-versa. I wonder if Georgia and Alabama with their mutual hatred of Auburn feel a little bit of kinship with one another too, probably not. Sometimes when I'm playing Texas Hold 'Em I'm cheering for the Ahole at the table to lose, and in this case the ahole is Alabama and I don't care who busts them, though I'd prefer it to be the friendly neighbor I'm chatting with which would be LSU.

So anyway, as Auburn's season is significantly over, I'm back rooting for LSU. Knock off Bama, win the rematch with Florida, and LSU is going to the title game.


Anonymous said…
all i gather from these sec post is that you arent really
a football fan. the dallas cowboys are every little kids favorite team. maybe its the whole gun and holster imagery. sorry man, i love reading your post, but these three just seem ridiculous.[ my opinion]
if you live here .....its the saints. you shouldnt tell people you are gonna root against them. especially this year. your cowboys got their rings...its our time, and if you live here i suggest you make it yours too.
stick to soccer... and dont before your kid is crawling start telling the world what he is gonna be. i just became a father myself so congrats on that.
anyway the mag looks great and my compliments on it.
pls dont take this personal, i just hate auburn..hahaha no threat there.
and the cowboys.
its all good and i will continue to read your blog and support your cause....but football can become a sensitive subject sometimes..i am not trying to become an enemy, but we just finally have the complete team in nola and i dont want to read about auburn and dallas.

gl with everything and good cards at the ip.
C.S. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
dooleyera said…
keep it saints, Big D is Big D. you are who you are even if Wild Bill has lost sight of that. it should be as obvious at that birthmark on Brees face.

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