Magazine and Things...

Very happy with all the positive feedback we've gotten from Lake Charles to Florida. The mag has popped up in a ton of places and we've gotten a lot more hits to the site. Good stuff, keep the compliments (and critiques) coming.

That's the positives. The negatives... We've run into only one place that won't put it on their magazine rack. Remember we are giving these away. We were, frankly, stunned. So, if you can't find it where you play and you ask if they got it, and they say no they don't carry it, you'll figure it out.

We've gotten some criticisms from folks too, but that's more a positive then a negative because we appreciate those and can improve. It's a start, we can't be Cardplayer from the word go and we didn't aim to be. However, we hope to grow with the poker community and one day who knows.

Going forward, we are excited about the event at the IP and finding our next cover story, a local like Tyler Smith, going on a deep run in the Main Event. The structure at the IP is first class, with no skipped levels, and there seems to be a commitment to putting the player first.

Harrahs really set the bar high with their recent structures and it sounds like the IP will be the first local casino to meet that standard.

It was refreshing to see a thread on 2+2 where they basically solicited input from the players about the event and reacted POSITIVELY to the suggestions and implemented them. That should be every business model for poker in this economy. It always stunned me when online poker rooms were slow to offer their platform on a mac, just as it surprises me that live casinos aren't even more player attentive as things have taken a downturn. You should do everything in your power to make it possible for as many players who want to play to play. Don't shut out people on the last day 1 of the World Series, don't limit your games to PCs, and don't create a customer base grumbling about rake and format. Kudos to the IP for understanding this.

I hope, despite the awkward timing of the event (with Halloween afoot) that everybody turns out in droves. The more that show up the more likely the other casinos will have to get in line and do right by the players.


Anonymous said…
ok the suspense is killing me. ive been to ip and saw the mag. havent made it to harrahs or the hoe rivage.
is it one of them that you are reffering to .
you dont have to answer with a name, but am i a coin flip from the truth? y/n
Anonymous said…

You are right it is not the IP. He's probably said too much, the truth will come out soon enough, and the truth can be like a beautiful river card, or maybe not so beautiful.
C.S. said…
I see what you did there. Lol.

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