SEC Football ii.

But if I can't be swayed this year, shaping up to be one of the Saints finest (drew brees has this super bowl or nothing look in his eye), what year could I elevate the black and gold. But here's where things will change... I do forsee that one day when my kid sips the kool aid and roots for the team that's on TV every week and plays down the road vs. the team that's on TV every week (lol... America's team is always on TV) but plays all the way in Texas.

How can I not root for the team my son is going be wrapped up in. I mean I want to brainwash him to root for all the correct squads but at the same time I want him to be able to choose at least one of his own. Likely it'll be the local team, and I'll be fine with that.

Gear, tickets and all else will be cheaper because I can go down the road to the Dome and not have to travel to Texas. I'll allow him to pick the Saints if he wants but if my kid has the balls to be a fan of the non-local team, god bless him, but he's only got one option there: Da Boys.

While the Saints might bully their way into a spot in my heart just a slight second to the the Boys. Here's another confession. This one is probably a worse one for these parts. I'm not an LSU fan. Though I do root for them even though they are a bit of a rival to the team I normally cheer for. Yeah, that's a head-scratcher.

I pull for Auburn and while LSU-Auburn will never, ever be open to change like Saints-Cowboys(unless my kid PLAYS for LSU not "goes" but plays). I will always cheer for Auburn number 1. Deciding which school to pull for is easy. While I didn't go to either school, I can't really root for a poker school football team, I'm an Auburn fan by proxy.

I will cheer against LSU as long as it favors Auburn... which usually means up to the point it's been decided who is going to the SEC Championship game or BCS games, or like this past weekend when LSU pounded them so bad the writing was on the wall. Normally, I'm rooting against LSU in conference and will continue to do so (as long as they are contenders).


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