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Befriending according to Ben Franklin.

Ben Franklin didn't just fly kites to get shocked by lightning as way to get high, crack the liberty bell to upset Paul Revere, and become the ambassador to France because of a love of pastries, he was actually a pretty smart guy.  Actually, Gentleman Ben might not have done any of those things or had those reasons for doing it, but invariably somebody out there believes that he did and guess what if you try to explain why he's wrong, particularily on the internet, he'll only believe in his side all the more.

Been enjoying a pyschology site that suggest that we are wired pretty strangely.  One thing I picked up was that when people believe in something stongly, sometimes evidence to the contrary only makes them believe all the more.  They'll doubt the source, doubt the data, and write off the critic rather then ammend their way of thinking.  As news sources have gotten narrower in their viewpoints it's become harder for a liberal to accept anything Fox says as accu…

New baby, New features coming, and New uses for my pecs

Lots of things happening at once in my life:

The biggest and most important is the birth of my second child.  Awesome. 

I have a daughter now and she's a late night partier.  Yes, up all night, sleeps all day which hopefully won't be repeated in her college years.  My wife, who has become a vending machine, somehow seems to do 100 things in a day and not get any sleep.  She's up substantially more than me because, well, because my nipples don't work the same way hers do.  Interesting fact though, some men have been known to develop milk when the mother of a newborn is out of the picture.  Which answers the question from Meet the Parents "I have nipples too, Greg, can you milk me?"  Well, yes.

Fortunately, my wife isn't out of the picture so I'm not becoming some sort of mutant man and lactating.  However, I do advise for future fathers to not mention being tired or wanting a nap if your wife is nursing away all night.  Granted there is a certain log…