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Wide World of Wild Bill

***Oops, I just did it.  I referred to myself in third person in the title.  Must be the success of the New Orleans Main Event going to my head.

***Um... what success?

***Never mind

***First, you refer to yourself in third person and now you are having a conversation with yourself.  You really are becoming a narsacist. 

***A narsacist that can't spelll?

***And what's with the asterisks?  Don't you use "" for dialogue.

***Do you use them for thought dialogue?

***Don't know.

***Well shut up.

***Can you ***shut up*** if you are engaging in ***thought dialogue***  seems impossible.

Okay, excuse the skitzo opening.  Sometimes after an ofer the brain gets a little rattled, maybe. 

Maybe... he'll go away if we just ignore him.  Bad luck found me in the main event in the NOLA circuit.  I started off card dead.  Then, I started playing hands I maybe shouldn't but I wasn't going to blind off or not take chances to chip up.  Fortunately, I hit &#…

Run Good, Play Bad, Run Bad, Play Good, Run Good

Been some ups and downs.

In Chester, I made it to day two of the Main Event.  I picked up two or three hands and ran one of them AA into Kyle Cartwright's AA for a chop.  Won a pot with KQ.  Folded to three bets when I led with air twice, and got my dwindling stack into the middle against a player who is a YouTube viral video star.  He promptly flopped a boat or quads or five of a kind or something outrageous and I about fell out of my chair and was out the door.

The good folks at pokernews included my presence at the table when dubbing it the Table of Death.  Nice compliment.  Wish I didn't have four to five guys that could play, on the last table to break, from the get go.  Bad luck I guess.

One other note from outer Philly.  A player who final tabled it the Chester Main, David Linster, an entertaining and gregarious player almost had me derail his run when I contemplated getting out of hand.  He opened and got four callers, two from total stations that would punt their chip…

Brief Post

When I get a chance I'll talk about some little tidbits I'm been compiling for my next blog post.  Some good stuff.

In the meantime, here's links to a couple of things I've worked on for other sites, let me know what you think:

I might have linked this one before:  It's about a couple of staking deals people are talking about.

Here's one I don't get credit for but had a hand in over at ParyPoker Blog:

Please let me know what you think by commenting over there.  The better received it is, likely the more opportunities I get.  Thanks for reading!

Chester continued...

Fourth place seems so far away but I did myself in by writing to be continued so let's see.

Before I get to that...

Something tragic happened.  In the tournament I finished 11th in, this sweet lady won.  This morning she found out her husband had a heart attack and died.  My thoughts go out to her.  Terrible.  She needed points for the freeroll, she got them and more by winning a ring, and then gets the worst possible news.  I know everybody in the room felt for her when the story circulated.  She played great and accomplished her goals and now none of that matters to her.  Gross really.

I got to the final table and saw Joe H, Peter Ippolito and a few other good players.  I was on the left of Joe and Peter so I couldn't complain about my position.  They got big stacks and mixed it up with each other.  Both flopped trip jacks, Joe with a king and Peter with an Ace and that was all she wrote.  Somehow the table eliminations rocketed one after another with every short stack gett…