SEC Football i.

This will be a multi-part post. Recently, I received some flack from my friends for being a bit of a fairweather fan. I support an NFL team that is not native to the Gulf Coast, just as I am a transplant, I brought with me my foreign biases, however, for sometime now, I've adopted a couple of local teams. That comes with caveats.

The Saints from the start have been my second NFL team. My friend has some great season tickets and has been kind enough to offer me a freebie quite often over the years. Never pulled against them and always had a good time. Course the few times they play my own team, I haven't gone. I would pull for the orignial team.

Despite my hatred of many things Cowboys related (yes, I admit, I'm a America's team fan) related, starting with the introduction of Deion Sanders to the team... They will always be my favorite NFL team. However, it is possible that one day it will be the cowboys as team 1A and the Saints 1B, in my heart. I certainly got swept into the Saints madness and pulled into the team after Katrina, especially living in the city. I'm not really a sports gambler but I've made a bet or two in my day and while those winning teams are temporarily my favorites. They are never loved by me.

But fear not you protectors of bandwagons... the Saints will still be number 2 and not 1B this year. Sure I'll be cheering for the Saints but never at the expense of the Cowboys. Even if the Boys were out of the playoffs and the Saints were on the verge of an undefeated season or needing one more win to make the playoffs I'll still be pulling for Romo and company in December.


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