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Back From Disney World

Did it seemed like I just upped and disappeared?  Well, I did.  At a very late moment we made a family decision to go to Disney World.  Found a cheap trip through the mouse and instead of waiting a year or two for another time, made the most of the last week of my wife's maternity leave.  Sorry, I left this blog dangling in the wind (so too GCP) but despite my intentions to update things during my two year old's naps I discovered two year olds don't take naps at Disney World.

But I'm back...  Surprised by the number of hits I've gotten in my absence so I must reward those of you who have been checking in.

Anyway, with my memory a little less clear let's get back to the 1k.  They move to a table with Chris Tyrba, (who's on fire this year), bracelet winner Captain Tom Franklin and on my left maybe the best women's player ever, bracelet winner Kathy Liebert.  I love her outspokenness on twitter and I respect her chip on the shoulder and her game.  She's…

Run Good at the IP Part one...

Okay... It's coming I promise.  Blogtacular posts await.  Just have to play catch up on all the family time I missed.  So, we'll get started a little bit today and come back to wrap it up in a post or two later.

Let's get the niceties out of the way, I have a very special wife who thought I was just going to Biloxi for a night or two last week only for me to return late Monday night.  My heavier pockets eased all the stress of the trip and for the first time she got to enjoy sweating me on the Internet in a poker tournament but I still need to fill up on some quality time with my two young uns.  Leaving her with a newborn and son who's in and out of his terrible twos is quite a bit different than life was a couple of years ago when I'd take off for a tournament with no worries.  Big thanks to my in-laws for helping out.

Yes...  I had a hell of a run at the IP which I need to encapsulate.  I hate posting after wins because it feels self-indulgent and bragging but o…

Short and to the point...

Short and to the point... Me?  Doubt it.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Gene D.  I know the 13k score was nice for him, but he really wanted first.  Sucks about tournament poker usually exactly one guy is thrilled with the outcome.  Second and third always have a touch of bittersweet to them.  I know Gene well and he usually takes his eliminations hard.  I hope in this one he realizes how well he must have played to have survived an almost 500 person field and finish third.  Looking forward to reading his blog and seeing some hands and what he was going through mentality during the days.

Personally, the close but no cigar side of variance has been rearing it's ugly head.  I haven't been able to get anything going... though I did win a $50 voucher to the mega satellite in one of my near misses recently lol.  Should be back at the IP soon.  Might rendezvous with Ross L.

Fortunately, for you short and sweet-ers I'm a little too tired to write too much more.  I had a bun…