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Boomtown! Fan Fire! Heater! Spoilers!

As always since this is first a poker blog let's start with poker. first.


Finally, there is another option for tournament poker players in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  Have heard great things about the Heartland Poker Tour.  Will get to see it firsthand at the end of the month.  100k guarantee on the reentry event, an 1100 Main Event with multiple flights, and lots of ways to get into all the tournaments cheaply through single and multi-table events.  Big update on the front page of


Going to the Beau.  I still have yet to put together my package.  A lot of folks are rolled over into it.  And a number of ya'll have asked me for details.  I think I should get it done by Monday Night.

My buddy Kenny will be wearing a dress for Flight A because he lost a bet.

You better believe I will be there for that.  Especially, because things seem a little tense between him and his good buddy Charlie who he made the bet with.


So I finally tr…