SEC Football iii.

Despite my in-laws rabid love of the purple tigers my kid will not grow up rooting for any football team but the Auburn tigers on the college level. Not going to happen.

The first sporting event I went to as a kid was Auburn football at Wake Forest. My brother still has the orange and blue pom pom when the visitors made the place feel like it was Jordan Hare. My grandfather was a stud athlete at Auburn and both my parents went there.

The only sporting events either of my parents care about, on their own, is Auburn football. Yeah, the only time either one of them voluntarily decided to put a game on TV was when it was Auburn football. Not really the sports types. Seeing my mom who used to cheer when the other team would score when I was a kid, thinking any basket was a good thing, ask about the Auburn football game, made me know it was something important.

She told me a story of her church in rural alabama many times. Every sunday they would alternate an Auburn fan and an Alabama fan getting up and giving a recap of the Saturday game. The sunday after the Alabama-Auburn game? They didn't have church.

Many of my extended family, go there or went there. I never ever had a choice I simply was born an Auburn fan. When I went to a smaller school (Defending National Champions of the second tier) there was no reason to change.

As much hatred as there is for rivals in the SEC, I kind of like the conference's kinship with one another. I just read that apparently, the S.E.C. chant has roots back to the 20s or 30s when one of their teams was finally invited to a big bowl (the Rose Bowl) and of course dusted some overhyped Pac 10 team. As the team (Alabama or Georgia maybe) rode the rails home they where greeted by fans of their rivals chanting SEC. I've seen some people bash the league for being so invested in one another out of conference and while I the point I don't really agree with it.

The SEC stadia is like a Magic Moments of College Football tour (not to be confused with a Magic Moments of Poker tour) and it's hard not to respect every team in the league and their fanbase. The fools next door are far more like us than the fools across the country even if we hate them every saturday.


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