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Final NOLA WSOPC Recap

, Seemed like I completely avoided the lunacy of last years World Series, and though I tasted bad beats and coolers this series it was nothing outside the ordinary.  The final night though it just seemed destined for things to sting.  In the 3 pm tournament after the first break I found myself needing to fold Queens on a 7 high flop.  I 3bet and was 4bet pre.  I played with this player in a mega earlier in the week (rated him as good), and though I knew he was capable of 4betting a wide range, I thought he wasn't picking a moment to mix it up.  Considered folding pre but decided I'd play it like a small pair and try to make a set because we were both deep enough that I had the implied odds.  I wiffed he fired again.  I told him I laid down a big hand, he showed Aces and couldn't believe we didn't get it in pre when I told him I had queens.
The night before late in the main, when desperate for a hand I found Jacks and was intent on playing them, and opened the betting. …

WSOP-C NOLA; Recap Part Three

Played the five o'clock mega the thursday before the Main Event..  Thought I built a good table image and chipped up pretty quickly.  Also, made some thin value bets and got calls.  So playing well.
Can't remember precisely where it came undone.  Think about two thirds of the field was gone and I made a couple of raises I had to fold to shoves. The last one like that I opened KQ o/s in the hijack seat.  Player on the button who didn't show down many hands but I believed to be tight shoved.   He was also good enough to steal.  But I thought I'd find a better spot.  Didn't.  Reshoved myself, light with QJ suited, and the initial raiser Mihail, a wide open cash game player, who actually had a hand this time with 99 and I lost the race.  He thought about folding because of my image and our history.  Good thing is I  might get some calls from his weaker hands in the future, bad thing is I was out.
No nightly tournaments and Sit 'N Go land looked a little light.  Deci…

WSOP-C Nola: Recap Part II

Another Day.  Another bubble.  This time the stone cold bubble.  
The Mega only had 49 entries.  They were gong to award 4 players 2k in chips and the 5th player $1800 in cash. This was the type of event that would set up the series nicely for me, and everybody that bought a piece of my package.
Grinded through the field.  Entered final table with chip average.  Went card dead and took a minor hit when I called two small stacks shove with AK and was up against vs. AJ v. 99.  AJ took it all.
At seven handed a player got a one round penalty.  Then another player brought up the idea of a save.  6th and 7th would get 400 and everybody else would get 1800.  I looked at the table and it was very likely I was one of three short stacks playing for the final spot.  I agreed and so did every one else.      
Then the following transpired.  The guy who brought up the idea shoved.  I was in the small blind and looked at qq.  I was calling off and then the button a giant stack went over the top al…

WSOPC NOLA Review Part I: Freeroll

WSOP-C NOLA, Review:
Played the Freeroll.  Finished 13th.  They paid ten.  
I traded 7% with a couple of players.  One finished 12th.  The other almost went out 11th.  He didn't and man that would have sucked for us to go out 13, 12, 11 and pay ten. 
The tournament started out predictably squeaky tight.  I decided I was going to open it up and take advantage of the regs playing so passively and tight with no rebuys.  
Of course, even when I'd isolate the multi-limped pots, my opponent would nail top pair and not lay it down.  Others would breathe on a pot and scoop it, not me.  
So much for that strategy.  I nitted it up and decided to wait for some hands and rallied a bit.
Later I got AA, which in this type of tournament I typically play big, I'm willing to take a risk with it and stack somebody or go home.  However, the best player at my table (who would be a part of a four way chop for most of the money) opened under the gun.  I was confident he had a hand. So I played …

WSOP-C NOLA, Freerolls, and Free Thoughts

WSOP-C, NOLA:  Want to say a big thank you to everybody that bought a piece of my package.  Sounds weird but you know what I mean.  We start off with the freeroll tomorrow and those that took big enough pieces get a piece of that.

I'm excited about the Main Event and this tournament series in general.  Big thanks to my in laws for being able to watch the kids to allow me to play as much as necessary.  Oddly, I have a very good feeling about this series.

Now, I'm just going to hit on some topics:

KARMA - For those that think only good things happen to bad people, give it some time.  Lots of times "great" things end up being the worst thing for them.  Lottery winners are one example.

JASON COLLINS - Forgotten in all this acclaim is there was a west coast baseball player in the 70s who was out.  Think he co-invented the high five.  He told anybody that would listen that he was gay.  The sportswriters just didn't ever write a word about it.  He later died of AIDS.  T…