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Million Dollar Heater, CryptoCurrency, Weight Loss Bets

I'm looking forward to the Beau Rivage's Million Dollar Heater which begins... tomorrow.

Somewhat fairly well known on the Gulf Coast is Kenny Milam and Charlie Gelvin's annual prop bet decided by the Arkansas-LSU football game.  Last year Kenny had to play day one of the re-entry event in a dress.  Good sport that he was, he did so.  This year the loser (again, Kenny the Arkansas fan) has to shave his entire head.  That includes that cigarette and coffee imbued flavor savor of a mustache for Kenny (look at that in all it's glory in the pic) which makes sense as Charlie has, shall we say, a "fuller" head of hair.  What will they think of next year?  Also, guys, why not throw in the LSU-Arkansas basketball battles for another prop bet?

That's not the only prop bet that will be settled this weekend.  Known perhaps only by the participants themselves is a weight loss bet for me.  In late October I weighed (a gross!) 232 pounds.  I challenged myself to drop 3…