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Jonathan Vilma

Below is a letter made in response to this story on Deadspin about a planned ESPN attack piece on Johnathan Vilma.  I decided to drop the correspondent a note in defense of Jonathan.
Hi Barry,
Somebody alerted me to your interest in Jonathan Vilam's character.  I have a number of eyewitness stories that speaks to the quality of person he is:
-He successfully performed an emergency brain surgery on the sidewalk with a spork and a wrench. Before he could be thanked he then immediately fed a block of parking meters that were within an hour of expiring.  
-He trains quadruple amputee dogs how to wiggle to their food bowls and has coached them through their embarrassment of peeing without being able to lift a leg. 
-During Hurricane Isaac Vilma held a levee up with his bare hands and since then spends the early morning hours shoring up the mistakes of the Army Corps of engineers.  
-Vilma declined an organ donor card saying "Why wait til I die to help somebody," and pulled out hi…


Recently, I've watched a word "catch fire" throughout the poker world.  Withered.  Another one that  is a close second and almost as rampant is "laxxed."

Got to give credit for a trend setter.  Think Blake Barousse was the first I heard use this word about a year ago.  Then I heard Ross Leitz jump on it and use it A LOT, recently everybody is saying the word.  Saw twitter this last week somebody define it for Ben Lamb and then I saw Jason Mercier use both words in reference to the Internet kids.  So Blake, good job man.  You a leader the rest of the world followers.

Withered for those who don't have a dictionary means... 1.  Tired, worn out and basically dried out.  And more recently it is used as a catchall to 2.  describe live pros and grinders.  In general, they are withered humps on a casino seat.  Maybe I fall in this category.  I hope not, but I feel and look withered a lot so probably so, especially after a 10 day Circuit stop.  I won't define la…