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Package Update Again

Email I sent for those that bought a piece of me:
Fired several bullets to win our way into the Main Event on my own dime through Megas.  Those did not go well.  Several times I was a couple of spots away from the seat.  I also tried to arrange to buy a seat from a cash player that had won it to save us a little money in the package.  He asked for 1k and I hoped to get him down by negotiating.  Unfortunately, we missed each other (he no showed the first meeting) and when we finally did meet up I had to leave in the middle of one of my megas and rush over to the cash room.   (One of the floor people had been trying to help me out with this and called me when the player got there). 
I told him let's discuss the seat.  He said sorry.  Despite committing to the floor person who set things up for me now he had changed his mind.  Now, he had been able to get off work for Saturday and was going to play.  (**I saw him bust and rebuy on his own dime on Saturday--looks like he lost my 1k …

IP Update

MY Package Update email:
Hi all,
Package update.  Every time I use the word package one of you Beavis and Butthead fans shoots me a text telling me how you enjoys me talking about my "package."  You probably giggled at the name of Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton Dix.   Well giggle some more because I'm talking about my package again.
Some small good news for those that bought enough of the package to include the side action, but that comes last.  
Now for the bad news.
Anyway, the first three events went bad for different reasons, though a three on the turn was responsible for two of them.   1A 50k Guarantee:   Simply got coolered three times by fishy plays.   1.  Flop top two pair bet. Guy calls and hits his set on the turn. Think it was set of threes, I flopped K9.  Just call his river bet, lose minimum.
2.  In Big Blind with A4.  Multi way pot.  Flop comes 774.  I Bet one guy calls.  Turn is a ten.  Check.  Check. River is another 7.  Check call guy's river bet.  He …