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Discovery Channel Poker Pilot in New Orleans

So, in the past couple of posts I've been cryptic about a recent opportunity that presented itself that I said  was really cool.  It is... or I should say was really cool... as unfortunately, my involvement, ultimately, was practically zero.

I met with the producer of a new poker show that is filming its pilot in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago over lunch at Mothers.  All this was going on just as I learned of the potential heart condition of my soon to be born son and the expedited delivery to find out if he'd need surgery.  So despite being in a bit of fog in my personal life, I still enjoyed a great conversation about poker, poker in New Orleans, and specifically discussed the pilot and premise of the show.  To be honest it was a really nice diversion.  We had a freewheeling exchange of ideas. I came away happy with the vision of the producer and impressed that one of the aims of the show to really highlight locals who play poker.

We also came to the first of what I though…


In tournament poker the short stack can go to the big stack and the big stack can be eliminated in the blink of an eye.  Reversals of fortune are common, you pray for one ride and wish the other against the jerk with the bigs stack.  Hmmm...  I sense a poker analogy coming, and those are generally terrible and lazy, so apologizing for the derailment, let me get to the point.

First off thanks to everybody for the prayers and well wishes.  My wife and I were kind of blown back by the generosity of support we received as we struggled with the possibility our son might have some issues at birth.  Thanks to many of you in our little poker community who sent me positive thoughts, prayers and well wishes.  Means a lot.

We got really bad news which just gradually got better and better until he arrived.  Our third child joined us, and his health and spirit surpassed anything we were advised his birth might be like.  Basically, we were given a couple of options, little did we know there was a …