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Post Main Event

Hard to believe I haven't posted since the Main Event.

Wanted to talk about my bust out hand, a couple of audacious bluffs I pulled off, some giant folds and the thrill of heading into to day 3 with a shot at making a run, with most of the field already out of it.  Except...  I'm not going to right now.  I will though I promise.

Currently, I'm working on a couple of writing projects, so blogging has been kind of a dreaded activity.  I find I can only do so much writing without feeling burnt.  The blog (and the website) has suffered as a result, and to some degree poker is also on the back burner.

Still, I've been following it and popping up for some tournaments locally here and there.

I was excited that my partner in crime at GCP Gene D had another deep run at the IP.  He got no love from despite being a past Casino Champion there.  The storyline they went with, a good one no doubt in his tournament write up, was Austin Buchanan aka SkinnyDonk trying to get hi…