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Three videos I enjoyed recently.

First the pain of fandom.  Funny if you aren't a Kentucky fan, but heartbreaking if you are:

 Second, this kid is just the truth. Not sure if you don't play or follow soccer if you can see how good he is in these clips or if it's just patently obvious. To me, it's incredible to see how soft his touch is on the ball, the perfect weight on his passes, the vision of a point guard at times coupled with the accuracy of a QB threading a needle. There are glimpses of Messi like greatness. And he's 18. And he's American playing against full grown men, but already the best player on the field for his national team. He makes a handful of mistakes in this video as all pros do, but when he's on it's a thing beauty. I never "got" baseball, so I'm sure a compilation video of Greg Maddux painting the corners of the plate would be somewhat lost on me, but then again sometimes when people are really good at what they do, y…

Disney World

It's been a hectic year.  Somehow worked in a family vacation to Disney World.

Some thoughts that might piss off Disneyphiles.  My apologies for besmirching the mouse but...

1.  In most ways, Disney World is still just awesome.  My youngest is a die hard Indiana Jones fan.  He's three but like all my kids spends a ton of time with his Pappy who has introduced them to King Kong, Fred Astaire, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. So he sports an Indiana Jones hat around the house and would wear, every day if he could, the costume that hat goes with it that my eldest son wore one Halloween.  He doesn't speak too much but will randomly quote obscure quotes from the movie.  Usually, it takes a while to figure out what things like "Nice try, Lao Chiang!"  are in reference too.  So... obviously, we went to the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood studios.  Yeah, that's a moment that will resonate a long time, him on the edge of seat spellbound.  After the show, he starts screa…

Run Good, Run Bad!

Just want to say a big congrats to all the locals who kicked butt at the Beau Rivage Million Dollar Heater and the just recently completed Boomtown HPT event.  Nice to see some of the good guys run good.

First and foremost, my partner Gene D went deep at Boomtown despite being deathly ill the morning of day two.  Great result for a class act.  He earned that one, and faded the bubble breaking with an all in at the same moment as the eventual bubble boy Maurice Hawkins go it in.

Jeff Sager went deep at the HPT, somehow holding late on Day two when he got it in with Pocket Kings and was called by I think Queen Jack?  Good for him.  Big Phil is a regular at the Harrahs weeklies and bar tournaments and he confesses to being on fire right now.  Great for him.  He's playing well too.  Saw it first hand at Boomtown where he kept applying the pressure.  I know he bluffed me off at least one hand.

Chris Canan pounded the satellites at Boomtown time and time again.  He was really keyed into…

Boomtown! Fan Fire! Heater! Spoilers!

As always since this is first a poker blog let's start with poker. first.


Finally, there is another option for tournament poker players in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  Have heard great things about the Heartland Poker Tour.  Will get to see it firsthand at the end of the month.  100k guarantee on the reentry event, an 1100 Main Event with multiple flights, and lots of ways to get into all the tournaments cheaply through single and multi-table events.  Big update on the front page of


Going to the Beau.  I still have yet to put together my package.  A lot of folks are rolled over into it.  And a number of ya'll have asked me for details.  I think I should get it done by Monday Night.

My buddy Kenny will be wearing a dress for Flight A because he lost a bet.

You better believe I will be there for that.  Especially, because things seem a little tense between him and his good buddy Charlie who he made the bet with.


So I finally tr…