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Catch Up

Going to pour a lot of things into this one.

For the first time in a while I'm not at the WSOP even for a piece of it.  It sucks and at the same time I think the year off gives some great perspective.  Like many, or dare I say most, I ran terrible at last years WSOP.  I won't bore you with the bad beats or cooler but there were plenty.  I think my experience leached into my play and outlook on poker for the months that followed in a negative way.

Lets be clear, I didn't go not because I didn't want to and not because I wasn't planning on it.  I wanted to go and I thought I was going, but life kind of happened.  I'll get to that.  It's been nice, well let me clarify, it's been educational to experience it from afar via social media and have a new perspective on the crushing pain some of the players are dealing with.  I recently wrote this to a friend:

"Yeah it's just voluntary torture most of the time.  Pretty sicko.  After last summer I'm …