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All that glitters...

The latest on Jaime Gold's lawsuit from cardplayer.

We're back...

Sorry, completely forgot about this blog as I've been traveling about. Will get more updates, especially with some nice tournament scores and other interesting tales from the felt up here soon. Thought, I'd include an image of the truly tastless Katrina liquor that some sleazebag in town came up with last year. Yes, I understand Hurricanes are named after Hurricanes, so is a hockey team and a university mascot, but last I checked San Franciscans weren't downing The Great Fire schnappes pre WWI and Euros never created a Black Death coffee drink to while away their time during the Bubonic Plague. I admit, my friends once named a drink the Bubonic Tonic, but I'd say we are pretty far removed from festering corpses and ring around the rosie. So why the image? Because despite that brilliant slogan of Get Blown Away (you gotta figure a classy guy like that thought about it just leaving it as Get Blown), New Orleans is slowly coming back. That's something everybody sho…


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If you don't want to know who won the WSOP Main Event


Apparently the main event winner Jaime Gold is on the hook for half his winnings. Dax from Punked and Matthew "Shaggy was the part I was born to play" Lillard are seondary players in this drama. Lots of speculation about what this guy does.


Sitting at the tables last night I overheard an interesting conversation between a man and a girl about her day job.

The man was a talkative, aggressive, cheerful poker player. I enjoyed his company and his willingness to chase in a limit game. The other was a girl who was hitting everything. The flop was slapping her in the face everytime she limped in. Just when I'd think somebody was right to call her, when she couldn't possibly have the nuts again, she would. I had a read on her, it shockingly told me she had a good hand almost every time (I is smart).

This girl had a look that was perfect for the felt but not for life. In fact, she looked like the flops had literally been hitting her in the face all night. One of her eyes was cross-eyed the other normal. I'd be tempted to call it a lazy eye, but most lazy eyes I'm familar with drift away from the nose. Maybe it is a lazy eye and I just haven't been exposed to enough.

At the table her eye made it look like she was…