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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

--The Good. Sweated a lot of Gulf Coasters over ESPN2 and the internets in the main event the last couple of weeks.

--The Bad. Ben Mintz, David Diaz, Claudia Crawford, Shannon Shorr, Fred Berger, TK Miles (and more), all went out before the November Nine.

--The Ugly. Ryan Lenaghan and Sam Barnhart got to within a table away. Got to be heartbreaking, though six figure paydays have to ease the pain a little bit.

--The Good. Min cashed and chopped the Donkley recently.

--The Very Good. The chop was seven ways when we had over 90 people last saturday.

--The Bad. Prior to the chop had these finishes, 16th, 13th, 11th, and 10th. Yuck.

--The Ugly. One of those days compounded the loss with a bad day at the cash tables.

--The Good. Harrahs is adding a Tuesday night tournament starting August 5th.

--The Bad. It's a rebuy.

--The Ugly. If they are doing it to increase cash games on an off night why create a format where everybody will pour their money into rebuys instead of into 1-2 or 2-5 games?


Macy Gray plays Poker, Richie Rich plays Poker,

Alright... let's get to some poker action. More on Mexico some other time.

Here's today's talking points. In journalism, I learned you should lead with the biggest most important bits first and leaving the boring details for the end. Unfortunately for you guys, I do the opposite today. Things are upside down in this post so feel free to skim around:

*Playing poker with singer Macy Gray
*"You'll never be as rich as me!"
*$3 costs me ~$600 to $700

**I had the chance to play one of the Donkleys at Harrahs last week. I traded ten per cent of myself to YardDog, we busted 11th and 13th. I got short and shoved from the sb with A10 suited unopened. I got a call from 8 4 or something or other. He hit a straight. Standard, except for the length of time it took for him to call. He was a monster stack and I had no fold equity.

Not too many things I would have done differently besides maybe bet AA on the river instead of checking behind after I got two biggish…

Long time, No blog...

Back when I was a "promoter" over a decade ago in Washington DC, I'd start off emails to invite girls to a party or an event with "we never talk," at times it would be weeks between email conversations and much like this blog it would be solely my fault. Sometimes, the "we never talk" would absolve me from weeks of missed or unreturned phone calls. So, I say to you "We never talk."

This last couple of weeks for me have been a bit like the first time you successfully surfed, you kind of see the wave you want coming, then suddenly the wave is upon you, it takes you, it's a rush all happening at once, and then you are spat out. After the ride you've traveled much farther than you thought you had.

So, has been true for me. For those of you who are facebook friends you've seen some snapshots of me in exotic locales, but no explanation of why I was there. So, I've decided to come clean. I'm a much better online poker play…