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Chopping Broccoli

Harrahs had a whopping 92 people show up for the Saturday Donkley creating a prize pool with 2.5k up top.  I ran good and got to three handed where we chopped.  Previously, (last Saturday?), I made the final table and this young Brazilian refused to chop (and he won it).  I like the guy and had no issue with him not chopping (hooray for him winning it), but during the negotiation it seemed like only one player was against the chop.  He was silent.

When the other player was talked into it (think we were going to chop four or five handed--can't remember) because everybody had about five big blinds he spoke up and declined saying he just wanted the experience of playing it all the way out and it wasn't about the money.  If that was the case, I'd rather he let his intentions known earlier because I played some hands differently then I would have.

I know some players believe they have such an edge on the weekly players that you should never chop even if it's three big bli…


--First, as always the Pokers.  Nope... just kidding a couple of far more interesting stories:

1.  .  Got a scout come to my door to see if we would let them use our house to film a Kristen Wiig movie. You might have heard of her, at least for her work in the underrated TV show Joe Schmoe, I mean SNL. Or that huge movie MacGruber, I mean Bridesmaids. Btw, I love that TV show Joe Schmoe. Genius reality TV. The scout came in and took pictures of the place and told us, we'd get paid for the service plus our house would be in a... Kristen Wiig movie. Then came two days of no phone calls..Like the 13 year old girl hoping for a call before the big dance, we were frazzled, disappointed, heartbroken and listening to Air Supply on the radio, though thankfully we were relatively acne free.

Then, two guys break into a house a couple of streets over from us.  Want to case a joint?  Have I got a cover for you.  Tell, a dim house owner you want to put their house in a movie.  Film all their …

Mixed Bag

-In a mere three days, I lost seven followers of my blog.  Maybe they  didn't get that I was joking about the Jonathan Vilma thing...  wasn't making fun of him, but moreso messing with the guy from ESPN on the witch hunt.

-Lots of folks having nice scores recently.  Ashly Butler can't run any hotter.  That guy wins the coin flip when he shoved and a guy accidentally called him thinking he only raised (see gulfcoastpoker facebook page for link).  The double up gets him healthy again and from there he makes a World Series of Europe final table.

Darryll Fish wins the High Roller event in the LAPT in Panama.

Trishelle shows up in NOLA and wins a weekly then final tables a WSOPE event.

My buddy Jeremy Halaska took down an event where they did a threeway chop and he got the most money and the first place trophy though he signed for third.  Great deal in my opinion.

And big congrats out to Gene D.  Glad I bought a piece of his package.  When we started to trade shares I felt lik…