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Assorted Thoughts

Lots of things in the To Do box:


-Adding a new blogger probably today.

-In the work... the Yearbook will finally come out at the end of this year. We'll have the mock cover up soon enough, though I understand ya'll have reason to doubt us, it's going to happen.

-We'll have two very big additions to the website soon that will add some entertainment to the readers.


-Headed to the Beau, looking to play Sunday because of a variety of commitments family wise from now to then. Maybe some events after that depending on being able to get away.

-Dead Money Tournament also looks a go.


-I must be a nut agreeing to take this on. Looking to coordinate a massive meet the families type reunion trip next year on the panhandle for assorted friends. It's really open to anybody, so email details if you are looking for a week to sit on the beach and have a good time in Florida with wives and kids.

That's only the half of it. T…

Link Dump, Know Thyself, Know Karma...

and some poker to follow...

Anyway... link dump:

-One of the great advantages of playing poker and improving at poker is improving your decision making. Sometimes there are other articles about improving as a human that can influence improvement as a player. Here's one "Know Thyself". Sounds like a book worth reading. All kinds of benefits, nefarious and otherwise for the anchoring effect (surely some of you salesmen and negotiators out there already utilize).

-The newest warning to become eco friendly, if we don't stop global warming Aliens may kill us to protect the galaxy. Not just anybody writing this garbage but a NASA scientist. They must be so proud. Makes me reconsider being upset at them killing the space program... with this literal Rocket Scientist at work how'd they get anything into orbit?

If you want to dissuade people from polluting and baking the Earth, and feel threatening them is the way to go just use Al Gore. Yes, sic old Al Bore on…

Poker Disappoints

So the computer died.

And when it did I discovered the software that we use for the site, an antique MSDOS application apparently, has gone the way of half of the species that used to fill the rain forest. Eventually, with some help from our friends I've gotten a copy, and been able to get an update on the site (tonight). Though I wonder if part of my love for poker died with that computer.

As I was sidelined, I quite enjoyed not trolling the web for new items or being fully immersed in poker. During that same stretch I've also traveled with the fam for a vacation in Pcola and to a wedding in Washington, DC, without playing much.

Poker has been on the brain in kind of a peripheral way, kind of like I'm musing about the vagaries of an NBA lockout and a poker thought will flutter through my mind. Sometimes a break can consolidate all those loose thoughts and give you clarity, other times as I've just learned they can blend into ennui.

Chino Rheem is a scum? Jungleman i…

Link Dump

How could you not be interested in the vocal stylings of Manny Pacquoio aka Pac-Man (but shouldn't it be Man-Pac), in particular his version of "Sometimes when we touch"... You know after you saw his commercial you wanted to hear more. Here it is.

Hard not to think about boxing with some of these lyrics, but I did have to remind myself this guy could probably deliver a death blow to me before I could blink especially when I thought about making fun of his "frear in me".

In the Ukraine they have all these bears they force to drink vodka in restaurants. It's entertainment and no it's not William The Refridgerator Perry and Mike Singletary these are the real thing, furry, angry beasts. They want to build a reserve just for them. I remember chimps dying of lung cancer and thought Hollywood did them wrong by forcing cigarettes on them, but here, I'm not so sure I understand this. Would you really want a bear, much less a drunk bear, in your restaurant…

Reap what you sow...

Never thought something as seemingly easy as buying a computer could prove to be so difficult. In the last week, I've made two stops at separate Best Buys, four stops at Office Depots, and finally finding the device I wanted I am ready to go.

Frustration is being told they don't have what you want in stock despite their inventory saying they do, then being sent somewhere else that does... but lo and behold rinse and repeat, then being sent somewhere else with even grander assurances that they have it... but lo and behold rinse and repeat with three options they said were all viable including the first two stops. Finally, before going to my last stop, I said have them pull it out of the back room and set aside for me... I'm not leaving until someone is physically holding it. Eureka it was there.

I don't know if I felt exultation or frustration.

Btw, after the third stop at the chain and dealing with the same questions for the salesmen I embarrassed the wife a bit. H…