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Good Times

"Wake up Daddy.  I sharted in your bed."

Good morning?

How or why, does my three year old knows the term "sharted."   Awesome, not really, gruesome, yes, awesome, no.

Let's set the scene a bit.  My wife wakes up to go to work.  If the baby gets up, which is 50% of the time, I wake up too.  If the baby doesn't wake up then, she usually will about 45 minutes later when she hears the front door closing as "Mama" leaves (about 45% of the time).  About 5% time, the glorious mornings I get to sleep in a little bit later, the baby won't wake up for another half hour or so.

There is another variable.  My three year old sometimes gets up ready to attack the day.  If so, I'll get up and get him breakfast.  But sometimes, extremely rarely, he'll wake up and just crawl into bed along side me and go back to sleep.  Which means, an extra hour or so of blissful sleep.

Considering both children and the wife are getting over small illnesses and I…