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Long Time Gone--BCS lookback

Keep meaning to blog and even started one or two, but never got the chance to finish on all sorts of topics, so rather than one long here are a series of short ones.

Auburn-FSU (yeah it's been a while):

Great game.  Hated the result though.

Seemed like variance finally caught up to the Tigers.  I think if they hit that fg in the first half they win.  At the time, I knew it was critical, just as I knew FSU were likely to fake punt as they absolutely had to get something before the half.  Lots of reverse parallels to games Auburn played in recent history.  Take this year's Iron Bowl, all Bama had to do to win was hit one more field goal (probably) and they win.  The same is likely true for Auburn when they missed early in the National Championship.  Should have been one last nail to FSU's chances.

The late first half touchdown reminded me of another late touchdown before the half (rewind to Auburn's national championship season with Cam Newton) in the epic comeback in t…