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March Madness

My favorite weekend of the year is the opening weekend of March Madness.  I've been filling out brackets since I was kid and getting sick, coincidentally every year the Madness kicked in round about Wednesday night during the ESPN preview shows.  To my awesome parents credit, I don't think by the time I got to high school I even had to feign the symptoms.  If I was allowed one or two days of hooky I'm glad they were those two days every year.

Still, as great as college basketball still is (Dunk City anybody?), a couple of things have jaded me about the tournament.  One the kids leaving early and having to learn a new cast of characters every year.  Marshall Henderson this year, Derrick Williams from Arizona last year, Kyrie Irving, the Kentucky roster, and on and on and on.  Hi Otto Porter, glad I'm learned who you were for 40 minutes or so.  Guess what there will be no redemption story for you because you are headed to three years of an NBA bench if you are lucky, if…

All Over The Place

-Wow, just sifted through a deluge of Spam comments.  Thanks 'bots I'm glad to see I'm so popular with web trawlers.  If I missed any real comments in the culling of things, my apologies.  I really enjoy it when I get feedback and response.  Sometimes you just feel like you are shouting into any empty canyon, and the Spam is like the echo.  Is there anybody there.  Lol.  If you enjoy reading somebody's blog don't be afraid to send them even an empty comment or two just to let them know there are eyeballs on their writing.

Speaking of comments, I also do a march madness pool.  If you are interested shoot me a comment letting me know who you, an email address for me to respond to, and I'll give you the information.  I won't click publish on any emails or pool comments unless you specify you want me too.



-Alright, let's get the poker out of the way.  Haven't blogged much at all about poker but I have been playing.   Went down to the IP and play…