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Package Email after day two (fleshd out some more):

Yesterday, I played the toughest starting table I've played maybe ever. All the players were on my side of the table and fortunately I had position on all but one of them. Unfortunately, the guy to my left liked to 4 and 5bet more than any of them. He also was in a war of wills with the guy on my right as these two internet kids were having pissing contest getting it all in preflop in level two in with hands like AQ v. 56 suited. BTW, 56 suited got there, and AQ bitched.

They seemed to alternate winning these for most of the day, everybody else just gave them their chips. I recognized one live circuit player who I played with in Tunica and he and I did battle with the Internet kids in a live vs. online battle. Have to admit that probably the Internet kids won the battle, though it was really the other half of the table that took it on the chins and not us.
We should have broke first, as we all were all late registering, but instead because the tournament directors have the…

Email I sent to my investors after day one in AC

Played event one. Kept running into big hands early but kept surviving. Ran into a set with top two pair and lost a good portion of my stack. Later a guy caught a set on the turn after airballing the flop and calling a big bet from me. A couple of hands later, despite being priced out the same guy chased his flush and got there on the river (and thankfully was dumb enough to not be able to bet it for value). Suddenly was down to 3k from a starting stack of 10k but feeling good about still being in the tournament. Grinded. Got over starting stack with half the field gone by picking spots and exploiting weakness. Then started to get short again and was looking for spots to push. Of course they break my table where my image was great and I was about to start to exploit it again. New table had a lot of chips and action but I couldn't catch a playable hand for the first few orbits and the blinds and antes were catching up. Crazy asian old guy was the talk of the table raisin…