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Students crushing it.

I should probably piece together the emails I sent to my investors for the WSOP and my summer. Some good nuggets in there that are not here.  Wow, I'm really behind in updating.

Fast forward to this past month where I played the Beau and the IP.  I want to give a quick shout-out to both staffs, for carefully planning two series at once that I think helped each other out rather than competed to the detriment of the other.  Genius of Henry Garrison, Paul Dutsch and the decision-makers at the Beau to stagger their re-entry event and Main Event with the IP's.  Personally, I think having these tournaments at the same time can draw better than having them back to back.  I know this year scheduling kind of forced both casinos in the same slot.  However, if possible with a little coordination and co-operation (which I realize could be more difficult then it was this year going forward) they could both really benefit.  It's not unrealistic to think two big events at once could make…