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More Heater Theater

Letter to the Package Holders Continued
I paused again.  In this case, I had decided I was going to play a big early pot and if I got sucked out on, so be it.  I felt confident he just had a king and it was unlikely he held two spades in his hand.  No straight draw out there that made sense.  I raised.  He called fairly quickly.
On the turn, a third spade hit the board and he checked.  Again, I deliberated a while before acting.  I was worried a fourth spade might hit the river, giving me the nut flush but giving him a reason to get away from the hand.  So, I overbet the turn and put it all in.  My intention was for it to smell a little fishy, I guess it did because after a while he called me and doubled me up.
I didn't look back.  I hero called a woman with second pair 109 on an Ace high board.  Strong read by me, and fuel to encourage the other players to not mix it up with me.  I slowly built my stack by utilizing that image, position and betting.  Our table did not break unti…

Heater Tweeter

First off I want to congratulate friends, accomplices and acquaintances who had great weeks.  I know Monkey, Gene D, Benton Blakeman, Shannon Shorr, Martin Tyson, BJ McBrayer, Tim Burt, Claudia Crawford, and others all cashed in different parts of the world.  Choctaw, LA, Borgata, Bahamas and Biloxi it's been a busy week and somebody we know has been going deep everywhere.  Been afraid to do an update on the site because there is so much to update.
As for me... 
Again.. a recap email sent to my friends who bought pieces of my package for the Heater:
The Million Dollar Heater, aka the Hundred Dollar Cooler, has finally gotten some heat into it.  A min-cash in my most recent event is a positive sign for the satellites before the Main Event.   A couple of near misses in the nightlies also foretold a thawing in the halls of the Beaus. Sunday, especially late Sunday night held a lot of promise.  Unfortunately, it didn't deliver much financially but it could have... onto to the dra…

Letter to my backers...

Hello all,
First off, I want to thank everybody that has supported me by buying a piece of my package for the Million Dollar Heater.   We still have the bulk of tournaments to play so I'm excited about our chances.  Bullet number one didn't go so well but still got a loaded gun.  .
The first day of my Million Dollar Heater was more like the five hour cooler.  I splashed around early and saw my chip stack vacillate between 8k and 12k.  I made some big early hands, but it was too early for anybody to really pay me off.  I liked my table draw at first.I had the talented Larry Williamson on my right, he's a super nice guy and reads the site, and can play.Fortunately, I was on his left so advantage me.Then Greek Michael from Harrahs sat down two more to my right.
He's a wide open player and is savvy enough to get out of the way when he's behind. Still he makes things a lot more difficult, because hand ranges widen so much.  Others adapt to him and open up and things ca…

New Years Money:

My sister got married New Years Eve.  She and my father danced to a slowed down version of "Sweet Child of Mine."  As one of my friends remarked that would probably be one of the top ten things he never thought he'd see in his life:  My dad dancing to GNR.

Thought the wedding went great and I'm really happy for my sister and her new husband.  The took the Flu with them on their honeymoon so it probably wasn't exactly what they had in mind, but while in New Orleans things went well.

Wrote a New Years letter.  Pretty positive response so far.  Tried to be outlandish and shocking as well as boring and proud.  Think it worked.  The boring part.

Played New Years Eve after the wedding and once again ran well.  I think I'm four of five lifetime on New Years Eve at Harrahs.  Ran pretty good so can't crow about the skill in involved.  Anyway, at the Beau Rivage now.  Played the first event as part of a package I sold to my friends.  I'm blogging right now so i…