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Ups and Downs

Been a hectic couple of weeks.

Had some very bad news hit me right as I arrived in Austin for a college reunion type weekend.  My wife has been having some complications with the pregnancy.  She had an extra appointment slotted in and I understood that when I made the 8 and a half hour trek that I might have to turn around and come home.  Possible we'd have an early delivery or get some really bad news.  So five minutes before seeing all my old friends she told me there was some issues with our future son's heart.  A google search provided only scary and extreme causes for the enlargement.

Now, normally when I get worried about my kids I'll do an Internet search and find only two things:  Take your kid to your doctor or probably nothing to worry about.  Just about anything you search for healthwise is 50/50 with those results.  This time, quite different results arose for my wife.  They consisted of scary ideas like heart transplant or even cancer causing the abnormality.…

WSOP Academy Review

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work the WSOP Academy in New Orleans.  Jeff Madsen was the lead pro with Layne Flack his right hand man.  I mean this in a good way... it felt like the seminars were led by a rapper and a rock star.  Madsen's grip on the microphone looked like he was about to segue into a Beastie Boys's lyrics at any moment, and Flack, he's just an affable and gregarious presence.  As some one in the class said he could have easily been a stand up comedian.  I got more a lead guitarist type vibe.

Either way both presenting players had the presence to hold the attention of everybody in attendance, and both were able to impart a lot of excellent strategy and poker knowledge.  They quickly progressed the class from beginner stuff to thinking at a much higher level.

I was there to assist with the hand labs.  I rotated through the class with Layne and Jeff.  We'd each have a table and deal out hands.  After a hand was completed we'd turn ever…

WSOP Academy, 2nd in a small event at Beau, Donkley at Harrahs, and IP Bad News

Just read through the title before I started typing and it seems like I ended it with I pee bad news.  Maybe if I had some snow, I could test that out.  Yes, I'm juvenile.

WSOP Academy

First things first, I'll be working the WSOP Academy at Harrahs this weekend as the local "pro."  Inexplicably, Harrahs will also be hosting a WSOP Main Event satellite (during this event) on Saturday.  Huh?  It would be one thing if they started it after the Academy, they could have brought in the out of towners that are coming to the Academy and want to test their games and some of the local players.  Doing it concurrently just makes no sense.  Besides the fact nobody knew about his until Wednesday.

I would love it if Harrahs New Orleans would just give GCP a  call.  I'd be happy to help them massively improve their bottom line when it comes to poker.  So many little things they could do, cost efficient things, that could put them where they belong on the Gulf Coast.  Instead it f…