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So, it's be some time since I last posted about my play. I chopped another Harrahs tournament last week, and then went back to back in whiffs. No need to discuss the chop, but I will talk about the misses. On Wednesday I shoved from the cut-off with KJ and got looked up by the small blind who had AJ. Not sure I would have called from his spot, though if I factor in the way I came to a decision to shove, he might have thought I looked weak and was at least flipping for a third of his stack. Can't say it was a bad call, maybe it was the right call from every perspective.

That kid would later get to the finally table and make some ridiculous proclamations about how much money he'd take in a ten handed chop. Even more so, the fact his minor chip lead, and his proclamation he was the best player at the table (he might have been... but there were a fair number of repeat offenders at that table), seemed to rub the entire room the wrong way, including everybody single person …

Poker Player League

This is the full opinion piece started on Gulf Coast Poker.Net, the Gulf Coast best poker news site. Scan down a couple of paragraphs if you began reading there and got shipped here.

Annie Duke and Jeffrey Pollacks new league is on first blush kind of a pratical attempt to settle the debate I (Wild Bill) have been having with a lot of poker players/contributors to the site. I think a PGA league with sponsors supplying the prize money and covering the entry fees is the logical next step for poker players. On the most basic level, rather than rakes taking money out of the poker economy there would be injections of cash into these freerolls which would be good for us all.

I think in theory it should have been done long ago. Unfortunately, I also think the greed of poker players will keep it from happening... again. Though I should distinguish the argument, some contributors feel a league would be bad for the game, not that they think it couldn't work. I think a league would be …

Harrahs Donkley 2/16

So I played today and made the final table. I won a coin flip early, I came from behind with A6 suited and the small blind woke up to JJ (cue... Frush), and I got some big hands and big pots late.

Once at the final table this hand came up. I had a pretty good feeling from conversations with most of the table we were going to chop. The chipleader was on my left and he seemed open to it 10 handed when I brought it up. I didn't say anything because there were two short stacks.

One went down, then a guy blew up his stack and couldn't make the ante so likely two were going to go out soon. The other shortie was two to my left and about to hit the big and small blinds. Then this hand happened right before the break:

Guy limps from third position. Extreme shortie shoves. Folded to me in the big blind. I look at 5-2 and check.

Flop comes 559 two hearts. I was just thinking about eliminating the short stack and getting closer to the chop. I check almost without thinking about it,…

More poker updates... Tipping the cashier

Sorry been playing lots of poker lately and that usually translate into fewer blog posts. Last go round I mentioned how I got angry at a cashier but didn't go into it.

We had just chopped the weekly and we took our tickets to the poker cage, and the new cashier behind the counter said he couldn't pay us out (first time I've ever heard that in all the times I've cashed there) because basically it would be too hard with the change. Ummm... what? A number of us are confused and he told us to find a different cashier. Okay, mental note taken. Mental picture taken. This guy with his attitude and lack of interest in helping us probably wouldn't ever get a tip from me. I'll revisit this.

So, everybody follows me to the middle cashier cage. Not too bad as every window is open and everybody is about to get serviced at once. Even though I'm there slightly first I have the misfortune of running into Sh$$y cashier number two on the day. It was also a male. Thi…

Running Hot

Been running pretty good recently. Will have to check the poker archives to see if this is my best heater. Anyway, I've chopped another tournament, this time six split up the pool at the Harrahs Saturday Weekly. Blinds were about to jump to 10k 20k. Total chips were a little under 450k. Young kid didn't want to chop at first, his buddy was telling him he was the best player at the table, he might have been. I'd like to think I was, but one or two other guys might have also felt the same. Once he lost the chip lead he was willing to negotiate.

One of the others that probably thought he was the best was a guy named Mac from Baton Rouge. He's a very good player and I enjoyed talking to him quite a bit. He refused any kind of equity chop (to my advantage as I was the short stack through out the discussions) because the blinds were too big. Good point to remember in that format for future discussions.

Eventually, after I doubled up, the kid capitulated. Pretty nice chop. This…