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IP Main Event Part Two

So day two, I knew I had some work to do.  I don't remember too much of it early.  I know Michael Brawley, the gregarious Beau Rivage dealer was at my table, and being active.  We never really played any hands together and he got busted after what looked like some bad luck.  The rest of the table seemed an improvement from the night before and after an early hit to my stack I grinded it up.

Later I got on a table with an Internet kid and the player in the 1k who I think gave me the compliment about not tilting after that big hand.  I'm sure ya'll remember that from a couple of posts ago (ha).  I got shortish with some active players chipping away at me and then me and that gentleman got in a hand together.

With KQ or KJ, I flopped I think a flush draw with a gut shot and two overs.  I'm sure I'll be criticized for this but I didn't get it all in there.  With the stack sizes and the read of strength I got  I felt he was calling any shove so I lost my fold equity.…

On to the IP Main Event...

Lots of people, surprisingly and flatteringly, have asked when i was going to wrap up the IP series... I haven't even gotten to the Main Event.  I'm going to do so today. 

One quick sidenote, that I  meant to include before, when I was at the table with Captain Tom and Kathy Liebert, shortly after I called her down with Queen high, and then she got bad beated (I believe) she remarked to him, "Remember when we used to be good at poker."

Nice little self-deprecation there (once upon a time I'd confuse the words self-deprecation with self-defecation which is an entirely different sentiment but anyway...).  Obviously, she was joking and I'm confident she knows she still has "it" but Captain Tom wasn't on the same wavelength, he informed her he was still pretty good and started rattling off some scores in the past year. 

Okay, after an aborted nap I went to down to see Gene play.  Somehow the donk chipped away at him and then prevailed.  I felt bad…

Saving the environment and charity cons you fall for every day...

Way overdue on my follow up... unfortunately, I just got time for a short post (which turned into a long off topic rant)  been tied up with other stuff since the IP tournaments.  I'll explain later.  Now, I'm just going to bitch.  Hope I don't sound like a 99%er (cause I only agree minimally with a small portion of their complaints... like 1% of them). 

Anyway, todays rant is about rampant coporate greed and conning you by citing the environment or charity everyday and most people not even seeing it--three complaints:

1.  Starbucks doesn't issue receipts, locally.  Used to be they'd ask but the last few times now you have to ask.  Other stores are following their lead.  Yes, they are saving minimally a small portion of printing costs but it adds up with all their franchises.  They'll tell you they are saving trees.  Why this is bullshit.  Ever worked for minimum wage?  I have and of my co-workers probably 1 out of 4 would or did steal if they could get away wi…