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Around the Horn

Why do they call little Snickers "Fun Sized."  There is nothing fun about them, unless fun means immediately have to look through the candy you are stealing from your Children's Halloween haul for another one to "partially" satisfy you.  I feel like I've heard "this" bit somewhere, my apologies if I'm stealing from somebody, but that's the train of thought I had this afternoon.

Poker is going swell.  Continue to run good at cash and these weeklies.  Traveled up to Baton Rouge to play at LaBerg and see the new casino.  I was impressed.  The tournament was a little fast but enjoyable.  Finishing third made it sweeter.  That made three final tables in a row.  A lot happened in that tournament.

I saw the local hotshot challenge me for hitting a flush on him, and ironically play a similar hand exactly the same way later.  I believe he muttered something about raising with the worst hand, then bluffing with it and then getting lucky.  I had A8 …



Cash has still been going great.  So too, the Harrahs Weeklies.  Been bubbling a little too much there 13th, 12th, 16th, but a fair amount of top six finishes too sprinkled in recently, so I can't complain.  Sounds like the free roll may have as much as 29 or 30k up for grabs.

I've put together a package that includes many of the upcoming events (IP's WPT events, Harrahs in house event, and the beginning of the Million Dollar Heater) that I've sold most of.  Feel on the precipice of some deep runs and am really confident with how I'm playing lately.  Been really locked in with where I stand in hands.  Minimizing losses on coolers and making some great calls, and thin value bets.  Kai Landry once blogged about live poker, and that just innate sense when you put someone on a hand, some undefinable moment of cognition, that your subconscious processes but you could never identify specifically.  That's been happening a lot.  It's weird and eerie but fun.