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Survivor, Jim Nantz, Masters, March Madness and oh yeah Pokering and Slow Rolls

Hello friends,
Anybody else feel their skin crawl in an, "Oh no it's wall to wall Jim Nantz time of the year" kind of way.  Nancy, as I call him, has the syrupy slow Masters storytelling voice that to me is like getting a Cinnabon when you were craving a cracker.  Overwrought?  Yes.  Overdone?  Yes.  Over him?  Absolutely.
I think Jim Nantz is great at what he does, okay, let me rephrase I actually I don't think that at all.  I recognize some people think that, and accept I'm in a minority that doesn't.  So fine.  Let me say this, I once thought he was very good, maybe great, but like a one-time significant other's annoying friend, I have a maximum carry capacity before I start doing eye-rolls in my mind, and then in front of her, and then she points it out and then I say I have allergies, and then my girlfriend says no you don't (in an annoying Jennifer Aniston dismissive way), and then I don't answer, and then I roll my eyes  some more and she po…