Kharma is a Big Itch part iii

What about the Big Itch?

Well, this is not truly an online poker blog if I don't talk about something completely tangential to poker. I got to the tournament buy in area and walked around the ropes to enter the line correctly as there was a guy walking in there when I arrived. I could have just stood at the front, but I believe when there are ropes there the first guy to enter is the first guy. Can't really start at the finish line you know.

So, I walk around to the back of the ropes, and it's not like the ropes are long or anything, however, by the time I get there, another dude did exactly opposite and just walked to the front of the line ignoring the ropes and the guy who by this point is standing at the front of them.

He looks back at us like he had been there all day. I wished for him to get an embarrassing itch. He didn't scratch it.

I desperately wanted to point out this breach of social etiquette. I take stock of the situation and clearly the dude didn't give an f about cutting the line. This was no absentminded mistake. He had to have seen the guy I saw and on top of that had to see me walk around the ropes.

Lately, my wife has told me to stop channeling Larry David and actuallly bringing these lapses to people's attention. I stand there getting angrier. Then the system stops because Harrahs is kicking somebody out that already bought in, and giving him a refund (nice, but why bother if the dude knows he is barred from the place.

They get things cleared up and I get to my first table and my seat has a whitish-clear liquid splashed across it. I'm more chagrined. I look at the guy sitting to my left I can tell he's going to engage me. "Sorry, I just switched it with your seat. I didn't want to sit in that."

Huh. There is a table of empty seats all without the ready ingredient to give me the appearence of a bad case of swamp ass and he chose to switch it with mine. Height of laziness.

So... I consider my options. I decide I'll contribute to the problem and continue the farce and when confronted I'll point my finger to the guy to my left and he can enjoy the confrontation that ensues if any does. I switch it with the open seat to my right. The guy to my left laughs, "That's what I did." Yes, I got that.

I say, "I'll point it out when he comes."

Lo and behold, Mr. Linecutter shows up. Maybe I won't point anything out.

Perhaps, in anticipation of me selling him out the guy to my left moves forward to speak to the latecomer. I quickly lean forward blocking his viewpoint and ask him something mundane like

"How you been playing."

He laughs, onto me I suspect, and the linecutter went squish as he sat in the seat muck. Even better he got second best twice early and left shortly thereafter. Not sure how much of a poker blog post that is but oh well. You want poker updates check out the bwin poker blog.


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