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Around the Horn

Bullet Points:
*WSOP-C Regional Championship, Chemist, Friedlander, and poker musings...
*IPOs (LinkedIn)

**Put the results up under the Poker News on the GCP front page. Was rooting hard for the Chemist to win the Regional Championship. The guy is a gentleman and has been very generous to me in the past with advice via email. I have a really high opinion of his play so I wished he ran a little better when it mattered. He was first off the final table but did get some money back. I know he won a seat in the 1k mega I played in so it was more the 2k profit a 12k prize might first indicate. Congrats Jeremy. AJ Jejelowo has to be one of the more fun names to say. No idea if he's any good at poker but I know he was aggressive. Now, was he Darvin Moon or Jerry Yang aggressive or Tom Dwan aggressive? Time will tell.

The guy that came in second Gary Friedlander was on my starting table at the 1k mega. He's got some results, and I have to say I thought he picked his spot…


It's the End of the World as we know it... I feel fine? You? You feel fine?

Okay, little break from poker as people are saying the rapture is coming. I'll go out on a limb and say it's not, but if it does I won't be here for it. Fingers crossed. Anyway, a little link dump for your enjoyment.

First off it's a rapture prank, that I think they "victim" was in on and it's merely an attempted viral video to spread the word... so to speak. Seems a devilish move either way though no?

If the Rapture is really coming tomorrow, you need a mixed tape for the event write? Somehow that R.E.M. song, you know the one I reference at the top of this post, didn't make this list:

You know this isn't the first time we've been told the world is going to end. Everybody forget about the Y2k shutdown?

Here's some other failed End of the world prognostications:…

Busy, busy week

Okay here's what I'm covering:
*Have a second kid and the sex is...
*My parents in town (+excuse for paucity of GCP updates)
*Go, Go, Go Brian Heptinstall, BJ McBrayer et. al.
*Mega tomorrow

So, I've been swamped with a lot of good things recently. This past weekend I found out what sex my second child is going to be. For those that bet on pink... good job. As I mentioned on facebook I've determined that 26 seems an appropriate age for my future daughter's first date. The wife has already gotten a couple of outfits. It seems I was born without the gene that finds anything in a baby size automatically cute. Maybe it was a chromosone. Whatever. Still it was fun and exciting to find out what my new housemate will be even as I will have to endure another 17 years of shrugging and saying "Yes, that's really cute."

My parents happened to be in town, despite my urging them to come any other week, one that wasn't the Circuit Event at Harrahs. The good thing was…

Break out the Bubbly

So I played the nightly last night, which I think is a pretty decent structure. It's basically the turbo weekly at Harrahs with a couple of extra levels thrown in. I was patient but it was not to be as around 230 am I finished 11th or 12th with 8 getting paid. Hands were nondescript. Played well and only had two or three hands go to showdown. My kk found qq for one double up but that was the biggest pot I played. Fortunately, my table image allowed me to steal long enough to go deep but I never really had the chance to mix it up too much. I didn't really make any mistakes so I don't regret too much. Would have liked just a little more cards in position but oh well.

Anyway, I'm adding a new label for my posts which is Donkey Chatter. I hope to keep up with this in the future, here's the first installment, which I think will be good. Last night I was in the bathroom and I overheard a guy talking to his buddy or the poor sap that happened to show some sign of interest …

Harrahs New Orleans and othe bullet point items.

*Delighted to hear the big numbers that lined up to play today. That's always encouraging. I'll be in and out throughout the week. I'm anxious to get back to the felt. The last time I played I got called by a lady in the big blind, when I shoved on the button after two limpers entered the action. She took forever and then immediately turned over her raggish hand... with two others yet to act. The first guy folded and the next guy who took in her hand was priced in. He hit a Jack and I hit the bricks. Likely if she knows those guys are still in the hand she folds and good chance the others fold too. I put that in my bad beat folder. I really only consider happenstance outside of the cards as bad beats. The cards are predetermined so if runner-runner is coming it's coming.

*Have my parents visiting and find out the sex of my second child this week (with a party) so I will be busy. Making it harder to get back and forth to uncle H. We've opted to ask the attendent doin…