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Who is Hurricane27

Who is Hurricane27?”
Within the last year, I got asked that question a lot.  Make sense I co-own a site devoted to poker on the Gulf Coast, I live outside of New Orleans and suddenly an online account of a player located in Metairie just starts crushing.  Also, the community of “crushers” who press buttons is fairly small, somebody should know who this is, but nobody did.
In some ways, I was the right person to ask, but in some ways, I wasn’t.  Pre-Black Friday (wow, we’ve been around for a while now) my co-owner Gene D did a much better job keeping up with online accolades than I did.  He’d know what TK Miles did on Full Tilt, the Chemist did on Poker Room (?), and would always know if somebody did something on a random Sunday on Stars.  But we don't live pre-Black Friday.
These days, I don’t play online so, I’m even less aware of what’s going on at America’s Card Room or Bovada or any other site.  That said, all this chatter got me intrigued.
“He came out of nowhere."   &…