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Gene and I are really excited about a project we've been working on the last couple of weeks and have to apologize for the content lagging behind normal. In the near term I'm excited about the event at the IP. I ran pretty good at the Beau last go round after running bad there for a while so hopefully I can flip the script at IP too.

Had family in town and the wife's family is having a wedding this weekend so really have been out of the loop poker wise. So I'm just going to post a couple of pet peeves today:

Ladies after you pay for an item, they give you your change and the receipt, take the monstorous bag you call a purse and slide it out of the way so the people behind you can pay. If you have to repack your life in a bag, do it 20 inches to the right. Man that irritates me to no end. They got a thousand pockets in that purse, the receipt goes in one, no not that one, that's the wrong one, the change goes in a change purse that comes out of pocket, not that one, the other one, and all the while they are making small talk/bitching at the cashier about their coupons expiring. I'd say they are oblivious to the line behind them but clearly they aren't, because they always stop mid-purse shuffle and look at everybody with "Oh, I see you" look and they could give two shits about other people.

That personal selfishness, the I gotta get mine mentality, is all over the place, the idiots that see the merge signs for two miles and see where everybody else has already merged, what do they do? They decide they'll just scoot to the front of the line to get over. I'm never let you dooschbags in.

Here's another when you asshats creep to the very edge right up to the door of an elevator and are always surprised when somebody is getting off. It's one thing when you make that mistake on an upper floor, I'll give you a slight pass, but it's entirely a different one when you are in the lobby and the elevators are always packed. You also get all indignant. Asshat, you can't fill the elevator until it empties.

If you are that clown, you are also the guy who gets to the top of the escalator and stops, got to get your barings to figure out where you are going to go. Only problem moron there is people mover right on your ass, we have nowhere to go except forward and we got a lot of people behind us. Again, you guys always give us the look like we are being rude when we do everything we can to get around you without shoving you and maybe inadvertantly brush your arm.

Okay, while on this topic, you escalator idiots are the same people who enter a store and stop, directly in front of the door. How hard is it to mosey up a few feet and step to the side and figure out what store you've just walked into. I mean you should probably know what you are looking for before you go to a store. Walmart, Target maybe not, Lowes, Home Depot come on, you are there for a purpose, walk forward and look for the sign that lists the departments.

Speaking of shopping, those idiots that drive their shopping carts like an 80 year old man trying to navigate across a car crash derby, man they infuriate me. I'm a life nit, so I shop at the cheapest grocery stores, and by doing so I realize my peers are going to blue-haired, gray-haired, and wig haired, so I already give a wide lattitude for them to struggle to navigate a shopping cart whose stiff wheel would give the incredible hulk problems, but I just hate the stupidity, not the physical slowness.

People will blatantly see a cart headed their way and step out in front of it to browse. They'll leave their own cart at an angle which maximizes the span of the aisle. Ain't no way around it. And talk about road rage, these older folks have no qualms bashing you in the back of your knees if they can get around you easier by crippling you.

I thought the parking lot of a pharmacy on triple coupon day, right before the early bird specials kick in was dangerous, but try a grocery store with a clientale above 60 and you'll learn the pain of a shopping cart to the buttocks.

Alright I vented a little bit today. Feel free to respond with your pet peeves as long as they don't include the blackjack one of sitting next to the dealer and screwing up everybody's hand. Nobody complains when the idiot does the wrong thing and the table wins. I don't know if the same is true when you play online blackjack but I'd think if you play blackjack online that's not a problem.


Poker Monkey said…
Thanks Bill.
I am still laughing.
Nice to see other guys with rants.
I just posted a bevy of them on tonights post....BTW.


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