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What's What...

This isn't going to be too long of a blog post. Been really busy on a number of fronts recently. Lots of excitement and opportunities have been knocking on the door, both for me as an individual and for the site, so we will have word on them soon.

To give ya'll a taste:

*Expect the newest Gulf Coast Poker Magazine out some time after the world series.

*Haven't even had the chance to update Gene about this who was dealing with a family illness this past week. My thoughts and prayers have been with him, but I met some great guys that do a poker telecast in Lafayette, and the wheels have been spinning about some possibilities, and we hope to get GCP involved.

*Personally, we go see the doctor today about the baby in mommy's belly. Our son gets that "baby" and "belly" have something to do with each other, but interestingly, and perhaps, scary enough when we ask him "Are you excited about a baby sister?" or any variation like "Do you wan…


Last post I made clear my thoughts on Black Friday and Full Tilt and Phil Ivey. I was wisely advised it was maybe a TLDR kind of effort. I wish brevity and an ability to be concise were skills I had a better wrap up. Anyway, this go around tried to keep my thoughts in justa paragraph or two. Here's the bullet points:.

*Kai's Final table

*Weiner Press Conference

*My soon to be two year old an advertising mark

*Harrahs Weekly back up

*Game of Thrones

*Sports... Soccer, Hoops

*Props to some local guys

-Lots of fun watching Kai's final table streamed on except for when he went out. My wife actually was interested in poker for a moment, even moreso when I texted him and she watched him read it and send one back during the action. Though, I fear she might have contributed to his demise. For a long streak I kept busting out of tournaments with pocket aces, usually in bad spots where a guy with pocket 10s would open shove for 200 BBs from middle position and I'd be in the bli…

Full Tilt Fall Out and Poison Ivey

As interesting as this train wreck has been since Black Friday the social media missives by Phil Ivey and Full Tilt the last couple of days has saddened me. The fight is compelling like the HBO movie Too Big To Fail, and the spectator in me hopes somebody green lights a similar movie about the online poker crisis that actually delivers the same sort of inside dirt. Each day I am more and more intrigued by the drama-bombs being dropped but I also get a little more depressed.

What was obvious a month ago is now even more so; the end is nigh for online poker for the foreseeable future. What's worse is the time-line for the American markets being open again gets incrementally pushed back the more the scandals unfold. You don't think congressmen have at least one eye on the type of corporations they once rubbed elbows with? The stink of this scandal may do more harm to the allies of the legalization of poker than we currently realize.

If Full Tilt has squandered millions of players m…