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Chris Paul and Tyler Hansbrough and some D-Leaguer...

...are the best three basketball players at their respective levels. I'll randomly say Morris Almond but can't support it for player number 3. For the first two I can.

But before I do that, one of the reasons I blog is instead of writing emails too long for my friends to read, I thought I could better not reach the masses by writing long blog posts that are too long for my friends and the casual visitor to read. At least more people can chose to skip over the content. So skip away. The intention of this blog was to also keep the focus on poker but ramble on about other subjects that interest me and the gulf. Well, I haven't done a good job about writing about sports recently and as my GCP profile sez I would, so here's my thoughts on New Orleans best athlete and the best players in basketball.

I have a lot to say about Chris Paul (CP3) and Tyler Hansbrough and I'll get to them. Morris Almond, is a bit of a different nut entirely. I think he went to Rice. I t…

Wrap up

Gene and I didn't get to play in the Helping Hands Invitational tournament on Friday night. We really wished we could have made it over there but we were focused on Big Ray's bachelor party. The IP is running a pretty good promotion right now. If you play 5 hours of cash play on Friday, you get to buy into their $120 tournament for $20 on Saturday. As we were playing Saturday anyway with Ray and his crew, and as we figured we'd be playing 5 hours of cash somewhere Gene and I decided to head down a day early.

We had hope to get to the Beau to meet up with Mobile's finest Reid G, but couldn't get over there. The Friday night action had some weird things going for it. I quickly got up $300. I flopped top two with AK. Guy pushed me on the turn with the queen coming. I had tried to protect myself with a large post-flop bet that he called. I was committed and anticipated him showing J10. Didn't get to see his cards as another A hit the river but he didn…

Couple of things this weekend

Looks like a small crew will be headed to Biloxi--likely the Beau--on Saturday for the first part of Big Ray's bachelor party this weekend. Also, there is a tournament in Lafayette on Friday, Gene and I are thinking about playing in. We are going to send out a GCP email about it for anybody that is interested. If you are not on the list email us and we'll give you the 411. It's for a great cause helping out injured Oilmen and promises to be a first class event.

I also wanted to give a heads up to Tex and Dwayne who both were in Disney World at the same time as me but somehow as Tex said, despite seeing every other Louisana citizen I missed those guys. I also missed the superbowl, I heard it was a snoozer.

Not sure if I'll be playing at Harrahs or Boomtown tomorrow but it's always a gametime possibility.

A little review, from from this past weekend. I played up a level, based on the urging of a couple of bloggers on here, and for the loose cash that was supposed…


Finally got to get some card playing in. Had a good time at Boomtown last night playing in the tournament. Played tight early on, despite it being the chuck and pray type format. You get 1000 in chips. Blinds go up every 15 minutes. It's capped at 59 players.

I saw a ton of new faces there. Odd. Saw a few of the regulars there, and of those few I rate most as good players. I got there late so was given the very last alternate seat. At the start of the second level I was seated. 5 minutes later I heard a guy say, "This kid's already busted 10 people." I looked at the table behind me, as another disastified customer was getting up shaking his head, then I see the kid, he already had about a 1/4 or a 1/5 of the chips in play. Wow.

My man Gene was at my table, and I just folded, and folded and entertained myself by watching him make some timely raises and dragging small pots. He wasn't getting action and I thought to myself sometimes he's hurt by bein…

Of Mice and Men

Just back from Disney World. Good time. Obviously, not much poker to discuss.

So... some thoughts on the mouse.

1. The "magical" experience has disapeared. Don't know if it is the unions, not bashing them I'm a supporter (go writers), just recounting someone else's theory, or if it is just American employees in general but service with a smile is dead. Smartasses now work the rides and front desks. I like smartasses but I do see the point of many of the disappointed people I traveled with that don't like them. Disney used to be the epitome of service and no matter the dour demeanor of the customer they replied in kind with smiles. No longer folks.

2. The exception is, the foreign employees, mostly at Epcot, still are drinking the Walt Kool Aid and not the Michael Eisner money grubbing Hemlock (another popular theory about the luster lost). Those kids are as joyful as you would expect working in perfect 70 degree weather doling out adrenaline fueled shots of happ…

Rake the Rake and Boomtown Goodness

So Verge signed up Gene for Rake the Rake, and Gene signed up me. For every pot Gene plays Verge gets a comission, for every pot I play in, Gene and Verge get a comission. For every pot I play in, I also get a comission of the rake back too. Sound like a ponzi scheme? It's not. Online sites pay affiliates for customers by giving them a piece of the rake their customers bring in. Enterprising affiliates passed that profit on their customers to get an edge on their competition. Which brings us to today's market...

Anyway, click the garish yellow blinking thingamachig to sign up. Oh yeah, your comission on yourself is not affected by signing up under somebody (ie you don't lose anything by helping a brother out). So if you play online, and your aren't raking the rake, you should and you should help a brother out too by clicking my link. You'll also be helping Verge and Gene's bottom lines.

Basically it's like going into a casino and they keep track of …