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The Influence of Arousal

Read post below before viewing. This is not a funny video.... Though, it is unintentionally funny when he says the "person you want to tap is the hot person" --true on different levels. Or when you consider the get up he's in.

Learn on Tilt

So like those f'ing teenagers I'm on the YouTube. (You can never show your age better than throwing a THE before something that doesn't need it, like "I saw it on THE Television (better yet call it The BOOBTUBE), maybe it was on THE Cable", or maybe " I found it on the THE Google--adding inappropriate ssss enhances the effect, "I was shopping THE Internets" ). and I found some pretty good videos from Dook University. Normally, I hate all things dook related but I love the mental aspects of poker and trying to understand decision making processes. They have six videos dealing with different aspects of irrationality. Lots of decision being made based on irrational thought process at a table so a lot to be mulled over.

I got a lot out of few of these videos applying them to poker. I will probably review them and some of the rather elementry lessons I took from them. In the first video, on arousal, they show how emotions effect motivations and decisions…

Old Man Rant...

Today I realized I'm old, because I now believe teenagers are pigs and they are so annoying I thought I'd blog about it. I call them the iGeneration.

Kids these days...

1. Lots of little, tiny dumb kids live on my street. Often times I see toddlers ramble into the street (lord knows where the parents are). So when I see a teenage doing 40 on my street I get ticked. Yeah, I'm old. I'm now the stooge that used to shake his fist at me. Okay, I give kids a pass on that, they are just young, dum and full of... you know hormones. Every generation did it. People probably galloped horse too fast 120 years ago. Fine. You get older you know better. A kid can run out between two cars and it's game over. As a teenager you think that won't happen. Fine. That's all on me for knowing better.

2. There is no pride in anybody's job these days. I worked a menial, laborious job that kept me in and out of a hot oven with little to no ac, and I worked nonstop …

Turkey v. Germany

About to start. Turkey is so short on players they can't put up the three subs they are allowed.

Reminds me of an epic hardyball game in college, a weird UR intramural game which is like a fushion of flag football and ultimate frisbee. It's basically football from the hike and then rugby except with forward passes allowed at any point. In essence it is the type of game where being short a player would be lethal. Kind of like playing Keep-a-away 2 v. 3. Somebody is always open It also involves a ton of running as one play could cover the width and breath of a football field twice over, so subs are a good thing.

For playoff game, we showed up with a total of 6 players for some reason. You field 7. Our opponents had about 22 players. 7 on offense 7 on defense and a least 6 subs they circulated pretty regularly. Obviously, we won or else it wouldn't be a story. I realize this reference is about as bad I can make. Worse than an Australian rules football or cricket re…

Kobe how my ass taste?

Shaq-fu. It's easy to hate on Kobe and I do, but in this rap Shaq blames his divorce on Kobe and says his absence was the reason the Lakers didn't win. Wonder if he realizes his presence was the reason the Suns didn't either. That being said, it's funny. "Kobe how my ass taste."

Live Action--Totally New, Totally Wild, Texas Style

As hinted at in my last post, me and Big Smoove played yesterday at Harrahs. Got there at about 1:00 left about 5:00. 4 hour day? Actually 16 hours--wish I could say it was all dragging pots and highfiving Ray about the donkeys around us but it was a grind. Though it certainly had its moments.

I got there before Ray and immediately sat down at a new table and it instantaneously became the wildest table I'd ever played at. Hand 1, two all-in prelop and a double up to a Yuppie in town for blackjack tournament (yitfbt or YIT for short). Hand 2. 3-way all in and YIT wins again. Hand 3, another guy, local business owner and carouser, a guy who laughs at everything ( HAHA for short) with plenty-o money to burn doubles up from through YIT. Hand 4 another 3 way all in to YIT. 5 hands into it, where your initial buy-in is capped at $200 YIT is sitting with over 1k. And for the most part the showdowns have been marginal holdings vs. one another. Guy to my right says he's go…

Catch Up

What have I been up to? Have I played any cards at all? When will I be in Vegas? These questions answered and more in the latest, thrilling installment of the death of single Bill.

Went to Delaware, met my 2nd niece and got to talk to my first niece. My first niece calls me Uncle Bull, I like that. That's part of the reason I sometimes use the Bull picture on the page. The 2nd niece doesn't say much. She's not walking or crawling either. I saw the family and crunched a years worth of visits in one weekend. Surprising how much you can condense in a short amount of time. We were almost comfortable enough to fall back into the familar pattern of bickering around old sibling rivalries but didn't quite make it. I guess as you get older you get more civil.

Bad thing was, I didn't have time to call up old friends or really visit with anybody. Watched my brother graduate from his master's program. He only got a 4.0. He maintained a fu…

Thoughts go out to Javon Walker

I know that he'll be making a full recovery soon.

I'm back from my travels and will be making a full post later today.

Poker Monkey speaks no evil...

Here is the complete interview with Will Souther. He's currently in Vegas with a number of Gulf Coast players. We conducted this interview online via email.

When did you start playing poker?

In high schoool and colllege we played a lot of draw poker and mix games. ButI didn't start playing No Limit Hold Em until 2003.

Favorite hand?

Everyone knows its K9! In tournament play whenI move in short stack with K9 I am 24 for 28. Amazing. 2nd favorite hand is 6-7...I was born in little sister in 1976.

What would you consider the the best poker game?

Omaha hi/lo or Stud...because there is so much more thinking requireed.

Which game would you say is your strongest?

Probably Stud because I have a photogenic memory....but I really think 5 Card Draw may be my strongest because of my ability to read my opponent, and my ability to smack talk. Would love to see a WSOP 5-Draw event.

How did you come up with the moniker..."The Monkey"...or "Monkey

What was the factors …


ZLATAN plays today even if you think soccer is for sissies you'll probably be impressed with their skillsets.

EURO 2008

Some Babes from the Bosporus...

The boyfriends of all these scandis are the guys crushing you in online Omaha right now. Or they playing in the Euros.

Played MSOP today

Satellited in. Arrived an hour late. Not on purpose though, assumed because the window didn't open when I was on full tilt the tournament hadn't started. It had. Finally an hour later it opens with my stack shorter and the "I'm Back" button on. What? Doubled up with Aces, which actually held. Got outplayed with a better ace rag then mine. Board had the Ace but was scary and big blind had more guts then me and fired an all in over the top after some action. I'm a nitdonk. From there I literally got a live action zombie session of 83, 72, 29, 49 for about two rounds.

Finally, I'm moving with anything before the blinds hit me, and for some reason I'm focused on something else and click fold with what for that table looked like the nuts to me 89 o/s. Argh. The break hits and I'm in the BB for half my stack when I get back. Yeah! I'm a nitdonk can't you read, I've already said that. We return and before the action gets to me …

Some odds and ends before the weekend.


1. Homeless woman lives in man's closet, cellphones take pictures of cellphone thieves, and how technology is protecting you...;_ylt=AhonTyABGB_fiNspuHXfmu6s0NUE

They are so many ways you can adapt a cellphone or an iPod or any small electric device these days it's no surprise Harrahs prohibits their use at a Poker table. I enjoy listening to music when I play but... there really is no place for these do it all devices at a table.

2. Tywon Lawson at UNC got pulled over for drinking while driving. Turns out he didn't even blow the legal limit .08 (in North Carolina). Problem is he's a minor and any alchohol on the breathlyzer leads to an arrest. You want to bet if he wasn't exploring the NBA draft, the good policemen in Chapel Hill send him on his way with pat on the back.

3. People are creatures of habit. In the no-kidding, heavy sarcasm departmen…

Been lying low

Played the shootout satellite for the Full Tilt Mini Series of Poker. Won my first table and then got a cold deck at the second table. They were giving away three seats and we were 7 handed. I got KQ vs. AK with a king on board. He limped preflop. That merely rounded out a series of second bests. Standard top two pair vs. a superchaser who got to his flush, and kicker problems when I'd hit top pair in the blinds. I managed to minimize the bleeding but eventually I was short-stacked.

I've been playing a lot of hands online recently, obviously not at Absolute or Ultimate Bet, and I feel I'm really improving as a player. Unfortuately, when I say improving as a player it's a very specific range. I've developed a successful strategy for multi-table donkaments which I don't think is as effective or even the right skillset vs. anybody but the standard low buy-in fields (sit 'n gos and mtt). Certainly, I think some things translate well, such as trying to …