Deep in Event 1 at the IP ii

There are a couple other just terrible spots with passive players willing to call off stacks with weak holdings so I know I got time. A big chipleader on my left and I mixed it up a couple of times. He won more hands but I won the biggest pot.

I raised an unopened pot with pocket fives. In the SB he thought about it and called. The BB called too. The flop was King high with a 5. A set, I almost forgot what it was like to flop them. We all check the rainbow.

The turn is an Ace. Okay one of these guys has to have an A or a King. If it's just a king that might kill my action a little bit but let's hope not. Check, check to me. I put out a nice bet (have an ace, have an ace, have an ace).

The chipleader pauses for a while and puts out a raise. Other guy folds. Yes, he has an ace. Then I mull maybe he's trying to bully. Okay, I feign some weakness just in case he is, subtle almost imperceptible movement, not a great acting job but if he is on a bluff maybe enough for him to continue on the next street.

The river is a blank. He puts most of my chips in and I shove. He calls hoping I didn't river a straight. I show the set and he shows AK. Tough hand for him.

That hand propels me deep into the night.

A hand that was my downfall was a small pocket pair I raised with under the gun (YEAH, THE MISTAKE IS PRETTY GLARING AND OBVIOUS--but in my defense I had been dealt a steady diet of monsters and not gotten a call with my 3x raises once over the course of three rotations). This time, I get flatted from a guy two to my left who I had played a number of pots with earlier and had probably come out ahead. The rest of the table fold. At this point we were down to 4 or maybe 3 tables (pay 18, tables nine handed).

Flop comes out qq2. I like my hand here. I consider check raising, as he's an aggressive player. I had done this to him earlier with a check-raise bluff on a Jack high board, but I figure this time might induce a call if he's got say pocket 8s or something and my hand while ahead was vulnerable. I decide to lead out.

He shoves over the top. Suh-weet. I wish the other card was like a 10 so I could fold more quickly.

I don't like my spot at all. The are two clubs on the board and best case scenario we are flipping. Worse he is holding a queen and I'm toast. KQ and AQ make sense here too.

Then Monkey, who is at my table at this point, gives me an assist, he asks the guy who is wearing a cowboys jacket when the last time they won the superbowl. He has a big patch for each title year emblazoned on it. This guy was a solid steady player, but this question flummoxed him. He could barely answer and he clearly wasn't acting. Shit... he's got a flush draw or nothing. I need to call here.

He finds the 95 patch (which I don't even think is the right answer... is it?). I just get this bad feeling in my stomach, as I decide to fold despite myself. I tell him he has to have a queen, and he shows some relief (he's virtually wearing the definition of FLUSH DRAW across his forehead!). I finally fold. Monkey tells the kid he was holding AJ of clubs and the kid shows it. The dealer spills the deck and I see a club would have come.

So, I made a mistake by the numbers by not calling but he would have hit so I survived to play another hand. Oddly, the kid said something like he had a feeling in his gut it was coming (the fear on his face contraindicated his assuredness) and that's why he pushed. Weird, I had a feeling it was coming too, and that's why I folded. BTW, for the record I hate to follow those feelings one thing to trust your gut that you are ahead another to rely on it to predict the cards to come. I give myself an out by allowing that he could hold a ton of hands that have me crushed, and he could hit his flush draw if we were flipping. That gut feeling is certainly not something you learn at poker school.
Later that same kid raised UTG +1. Came around to me and I see AK suited. Oh well. I shove, he insta-calls what can only be Kings or Aces. It was Kings, but no ace came and I was bounced.


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