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Ups and Downs, Hernias and Acting out of Turn-ias(?)

First off, congrats to Jeremy Gaubert for his second title at the WPO.  Lots of respect for the Chemist who was overdue for another first place finish.  122k is a nice payday.

Alright, what's been going on.  Went on a family vacation to Pensacola Beach.  I had every intention of playing at the Pensacola Racetrack and never made it over.  Maybe next time.  Thanks to Michael Kmetz who offered to show me around.

That being said, the trip was one bad experience after every good one.

For example, we had some of our best beach/pool days in years.

Then at around five or so, the bad would start to happen.  On one day we watched helplessly as our three year broke our fairly new tablet after about 5 minutes of use.  Tile floors are not forgiving.  Minus a few hundred dollars there.  The next day, one bite into steak dinner (the highlight meal of the trip) the fire alarm went off and we had to descend 12 flights of steps.  With six kids under 8, my mother who has to wear leg braces and is o…