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Donkley Update

Quick poker account of the Wednesday Weekly.

Day of weird hands on wednesday. Went all in with 33 called by 33. No freeroll for either of us on the flop. Weird for me to shove and for him to call as we were both in early positions.

I'm in the sb with AQ looking to ship. Guy raises. Button reraises. I stew. I see the BB looking to get involved. Um... fold.

BB ships it. First bettor calls for much less. Button folds and shows me AQ. First bettor flips over Q8. BB shows.... AQ. Weird.

Down to the two table merge. I get busted with AK, vs. A7 (we both shipped)vs. a guy who shipped because of pot odds with 58c, and move to the cash game. Yeah, clubs got there.

They have an aces cracked promotion at 4:00. At some point I'm sitting there thinking about what would happen if I got Aces right before four. I'm not looking at a clock or anything, but suddenly I'm looking at the Painkillers. Kind of feels like we might be getting close to 4.

Got two aggressive, big stac…

Okay... there's more

So I got some positive feedback from my last blog post, lengthy as it was, and slightly off of poker still some people were more interested than I thought. Just swallowed some online beats so I'm choosing non-poker again. Let's go back to the list... What's next today...

[x]Lamaz class with Deuce McCallister [That didn't take long to figure out today's topic]
[ ]Embattled Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson and his ice cold cash on a 1-2 table during Essence festival at Harrahs
[ ]Why I Hate Name Dropping
[ ]Donkley update
[ ]Phil Ivey
X Details about my life you could care less about (apparently a few of you did care)

As I was trying not to listening to a particularily grim portion of my wife's Lamaze class, something about Twilight births (a dark mark on medical history), in a class my wife insisted I go to, who should I see fill the doorway and amble to the open seat next to me, none other than Dulymus Jenod McAllister. The guy who was for years a beast for the …

Things I need to blog about...

[ ]Lamaz class with Deuce McCallister
[ ]Embattled Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson and his ice cold cash on a 1-2 table during Essence festival at Harrahs
[ ]Why I Hate Name Dropping
[ ]Donkley update
[ ]Phil Ivey
[x]Details about my life you could care less about

Since the last one seems by far the least interesting we'll start with that. Been super busy the last couple of weeks and I'm actually glad I didn't go to the Vegas for the WSOP. Would have been nice if I could have made it out there when Southpaw and the Honest Player visited, but it was undoable.

I'm still looking forward to sharing some drinks after a tournament with Kai, Monkey and folks, and Vegas always presents opportunites for that even if tournaments and poker is 24/7. This fall, I promise, at least one night we'll unleash a little bit of Superbill be it at the Beau or Harrahs.

Right now though, baby is on the way, and wife is about to pop. She's had a rough go this pregnancy (and I say &quo…

"I felt it coming"

Playing against players that have ESP is one of the most difficult things to do in poker. These guys know your hole cards, the cards that are coming out next, and what you plan to do. Seems impossible to beat them.

You could argue they should be banned from the casino, it's just not fair. Have faith, good friends because the thing with these ESP guys, is their antenna is not always up. At least that was the case in my last encounter with one. I played the Beau on Friday because I missed the Donkley at Harrahs and I like at least one live tournament a week.

I held KcQc. I put out a raise from mid position. Two callers including the one that would tipped us off about his ESP. Flop came 10c9c6x. I led out with my two overs, my club draw, and my gutterball. I'm quick called. The other folds.

Turn is an 8x. I fire again. Esp-y can't help but call again.

River is a total donut. I waive the white flag. He turns over 8-5.

He says to his friend as he dragged the pot knowi…

Watching Somebody Else's Table

"What were you thinking about? You had top set?" The two seat asked my boy. He just shrugged. I was curious too.

See, I got to sweat Big Smoove aka Goondingy on a big hand late, late... actually early, early Saturday or was it Sunday morning this past weekend.

He was in early position and showed me two ladies. I had just finished a frustrating session of two pair always being beat, flushes meeting bigger flushes, wheels being rivered by nut flushes (mistake on my part for letting him get there), pocket aces getting cracked by third pair, calling my all in on the turn only to become trips on the river. I was tired, playing bad and the cards weren't kind to me either.

Apparently, Goondingy was experiencing some of the same.

I had clapped my hands together did the dealer's pseudo-jazz hands bit (nothing up the sleeves) and called it a day. Big Smoove wasn't calling anything (except with the near nuts on this hand). So, as I was about to walk away I said "I'll w…

EDIT: One more...

Somehow missed Kevin Schaffel, of Coral Springs FL, 16th in chips with 2.141 million. Also, LoveShack Dave of Denham Springs, LA in 96th spot with 800k. Also, many former gulf coasters are now listed as Las Vegas natives, so let us know if we've missed anybody. Thanks.

Main Event Update

Updated Gulf Coasters still alive in Main Event:

28 Tran, Thai Houston TX 1,707,000 B38 1
29 Patchell, Joel Atlanta GA 1,701,000 G153 8
33 Prendes, Alex Miami FL 1,661,000 B16 4
34 Brice, Jason Sugarland TX 1,637,000 G152 1
36 Johnson, Paul Combine TX 1,606,000 B20 5
41 Smith, Jordan College Station TX 1,486,000 B46 4
46 Fair, Ryan Ft. Lauderdale FL 1,372,000 B23 3
63 Wiseman, Royal Waco TX 1,198,000 B42 3
75 Tamayo, Jonathan Humble TX 1,040,000 B28 5
103 Calderaro, James Venice FL 745,000 G150 8
124 Rosenkrantz, Jose Miami FL 630,000 B44 9
146 Bilzerian, Dan Tampa FL 491,000 B28 3
149 Vazquez, Roy Jacksonville FL 444,000 G150 6
153 Teens, Edward Trion GA 421,000 B26 6
154 Catalano, Brent Atlanta GA 413,000 B40 8
161 Nguyen, Viet Houston TX 363,000 B36 3
164 Smith, Paul Cape Coral FL 348,000 B22 2
177 Newman, Clayton Athens GA 244,000 B20 1
180 Cloutier, Eric Quebec ON, Canada 212,000 B44 4

Don't recognize a lot of these players? Well most of them are poker tournament veterans. They've probably…

Shaun Deeb booted from the Rio

Steve Freser is a good guy. If he took me aside and said I was about to get 86ed I'd be pissed, probably a lot more so than Shaun F'ing Deeb. Shaun F'ing Deeb is an online poker star who had some success in live play including a deep run in New Orleans. If Deeb prefer to play online poker versus the live variety things probably haven't changed if this video is any indication.

It's one thing to play poker online in the safety of your own home, but venture to the world seris and there's a chance you could be "poker punked." And a future Youtube star. Everybody's nightmare banned from the WSOP for life. Supposed casino video of you doing something you know you didn't do. Terrible situation.

However, the execution of this fell short of the mark. It was far less Punked (crashes and explosions and stars to shocked to sniff the con) and far more Bloopers and Practical Jokes (or Candid Camera with stars and without the cleverness). And the mark, …

Hubris ain't a tasty fried pie but I can eat it up...

This am we had a bit of a scare with my future baby, so me and my wife scurried over to the doctor's office. She's had some bad symptoms the last couple of days the most worrisome no movement of the baby. Turns out things were okay and the baby started hiccuping in the waiting room.

Zip to the Donkley and barely get in under the gun.

I make a big call when my opponent's rive bet just didn't make any sense. He had A high with nine kicker and I had Ace high queen kicker. Won't go into why I made the call (too much): a previous hand, texture of the board when the bets were made, and physical read. Funny, I thought he was week enough that I didn't need my kicker but glad to have it.

I got a couple of kudos from players I really respect. The table was actually pretty loaded and I was glad to see them break it after that hand. A player who routinely makes the final table walked up to me and said, "I don't want to play with you, that was an amazing call." I…

Ruling that Riles

So, I'm playing Friday night in the cash game. Action started quickly on the first hand as I look at two queens. As I'm waiting for my turn, I eyeball a guy I've played before, and preflop I can tell he's got a big hand. I can't tell you what he was doing to cue me in but I just knew. I bet, then he, on the button, reraises me. The reraise helped. I decide to flat and see what happens.

Comes queen high. Nice. He's got the jimmy leg. I bet, he calls--I think he's got an overpair. Suhweet. On the turn, I check, he shoves, I call. KK. River is Kingball. Fortunately he doesn't have too many chips.

So, I proceed to get QQ three more times that night and not win a dime with them. Didn't lose too much, all things considered so I'm not complaining.

Later as I'm mounting my comeback, a latin gentleman to my left who I've been playing with all day, gets into a hand with me. Every time he has a decent hand (not a great one) he'd make a quick call …

Donkley and Doh!

Took 5th in the Donkley (yes I'm running good there), easily could have sat out one hand and been 4th... or better. The difference in payout between 4th and 5th wasn't much at all. The second short stack fired a button raise (which in his range is basically any two cards if the pot is unopened--he's a solid player who is tought to put on a hand). The SB calls--an unpredictable older gentleman who had a penchant for overplaying hands and being sticky. I look down at KQ. I have 4k in as the BB. The button raised 12 on top. I had about 20 behind.

The pot was about 38.5. I couldn't just call. It was ship it or fold.

The scary thing, with the way these two played, I could have the best hand. I ship. Call, call.

Flop is all babies. Old guy shoves. Button folds (?). He barely has 6 or 8 grand left. Pot is huge.

Old guy shows deuces. I got 6 cards to hope for and none come.

I played a little divergent from my typical strategy because a couple of the bigger s…