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The over

Liked the over in the Saints-Packers game. Thank you to the Saints for taking care of it by themselves.

I also set a goal for what to win at Harrahs tonight. That also went over.

Wish I could take credit for it. Played like a donkey in spots and got rewarded for it. Twice I bet into a multi-way pot with air and little draw only to hit. Once I thought I was open ended (but had a pair and a gutter), the other time I had decided to play diddly like it wasn't from the preflop. Those were fun.

When I showed Queen-three to take down a pot a solid player made a face of absolute confusion. Delicious. He proceeded to pay me off four successive times when I settled back down.

My big hand was flopping top set. Of course my third 8s came with had a 7 and a 5 and two hearts. I cbet... if you can call it that, three times the pot. $95. Too much? Two callers, actually one guy came over the top for the rest of his chips but not quite a raise. Sweet? Turn is a 7. Okay. I shove. The …

Omaha, Straight flushes, and more...

After some frustration in the Harrahs tournament and finally some in their post tournament cash game (outkicked with trips, by one, lower end of a flopped straight where I checked called the nuts to the river [pat myself on the back for sniffing out the tight nit had the nuts and losing the minimum], kings losing to a guy who was priced in with 2s because of lose preflop calls by two big stacks, you know how that goes, bad beat whine, bad beat whine, cooler whine etc...). Anyway, somehow I stretch all that action into one buy-in, but now I'm tilted so I need a break. I decide to meet up with Gene D to talk about the site, play some limit poker, and play with the fishies in the small buy-in evening tournament we sometimes play.

Gene gets caught up with work, so as I'm killing time there, and I really didn't feel like hold 'em or being patient after a frustrating morning session. So I play some half and half. I looking to work on Omaha so why not at low stakes. Granted I …


Clonie Gowen, claims when Full Tilt started she was offered THE role of a female face for the company. Apparently, 1% of the company was being offered to other pros for a paltry 30k. As we found out with Ultimate and Absolute there tend to be a lot of companies owning one another. The software company would actually make the money as Full Tilt pays it huge liscensing fees. Clonie states, in a meeting in Phil Ivy's suite, that she and several other early owners were promised a chunk of the software companies where the real money was at. Then, Full Tilt didn't pay her a dividend. Then they wanted her to not be a representative any more and tried to fire her. She's suing saying the company is worth a couple of billion and through her verbal agreements she is owed millions. Will be interesting to see if this brings to light just how much money Full Tilt makes. Now, Phil Ivy's Craps addiciton doesn't sound all that damaging considering he could be pulling in mi…

I gots Mail

also, the guy whose regular tourney I play in is hosting his annual heads up tournament next sunday. any advice for heads up play besides pressure, pressure, pressure?

I consider myself a good heads up player, maybe not as good as Gene D but for a while I was doing alright online HU.

Number 1, like all poker be flexible and number 2 like all poker use selective agression. Obvious huh, not very helpful either?

Per #1 flexibility: If you feel your opponent tighten up to match your style (which is tight correct?)--open it up.

If you feel outmatched be willing to take gambles and push with overcards preflop (or draws post-flop). If the player is better it is to your detriment to play a lot of hands with him. Keep getting your chips to the middle any time you feel 50% or better. You'll win a lot of pots from the guy if he's any good cause he'll bide his time, course he wakes up to a big pocket pair--you'll get snapped.

If you feel superior avoid the coin flips. See flops…

WSOP Main Event Thoughts

Note to self when I'm sitting at the Main Event table... run like I'm Peter Eastgate. Turn and River the nuts and let my opponents bluff into me. That kid was living right.

Main Event Thoughts

First off congrats to Reid Gilbert. Kid got it done, weathered some early storms and made it all the way to the final table. People should be getting in line to back him... as he delivers.

Individually, I'm happy overall with my performance at the IP. I outlasted most of the field in the Main Event despite being card dead except for four hands. One knocked me out, QQ that was called by a solid player who claimed he was calling because he's such a bad player (Uh oh... those never go well). He had AJ o/s.

The three other hands I got? KK, AK, KK. Wow. And I'm complaining about being card dead? I'm a greedy S.O.B. huh? Not really, I got them three hands in a row. Total: three sets of blinds and 1 limper during the third level. Not even an ante lagniappe.

All I did was 3x each hand. I got KK first and it was folded around. I showed to set up opportunities to steal and reinforce my tight image in later rounds. I get AK next and it's folded to me. I make a c…
Appreciate the feedback on the previous post. Very informative. So much of my decisions are based on reads. Usually I'm successful with it, but sometimes I overthink things a bit. here I didn't think through the information my opponent gave me thoroughly enough. He wanted me to call for the same reasons I should have called. Odd how an action can be beneficial for multiple players in poker sometimes.

BTW, I didn't make two final tables. I finished 10th in the 6pm. The IP was merging at 9 for the noon tournaments. Maybe they actually merged at 10 (for the 6pm tournaments) and I finished 11th. I didn't really count after I tried a steal on an undefended big blind (player was still on break so too the button) in an unopened pot to me (next to the empty button). A tight girl was in the SB. My stack was 3/4s of hers. I decided I was shoving with anything as I was so short and so much money was there.

She said... uhhh, I call. Hello KK. Goodbye Bill.

Bill not hap…
Standard 1-2 game in Biloxi.

Get AA utg. Limp. Next two limp.

Tight kid after you raises to 17.

Three callers.

You are sitting with about 500 in front.

What now?

You bet 77.

Tight kid asks how much you got left. He's got about 277.

He flat calls (you are pretty sure he has a hand like Kings).

Next guy calls (pretty steady and hasn't gotten out of hand after three hours of playing).

Fold, fold.

Flop is Jd9d5h.

What now?

You check. (Bad Check?)

Tight kid puts in 100. (125 behind).

Next guy goes over the top for 283 more.

What do you do?

You ask him if he'd call a 77 bet with Jacks.

He said he has worse. You are incredulous and you say 9s?

He says, "You guys are going to be really mad if I hit my hand."

What do you do? What do they have?