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Ed takes 4th

There are no 6 pm tournaments in Biloxi. Stayed local for a bar tournament. Ed eked out a 4th place finish playing solid, solid poker. Typical bar tournament with more knuckleheads than players. I listened to a guy whine about people making bad calls after he called me with second pair and no kicker. Yes, he hit his crappy kicker on the river to beat my top pair. He astutely thought I had AK and was "bluffin'" him. We were the two chip leaders at the table and I had a little to survive.

Later in a multi-way pot, I moved all in, he folded this time and this genuis knew I had at least top pair. I wonder what tipped him off? Putting all my chips at risk in a five way pot? The same guy sucked out on a stable player that had a lot of chips to my right to take a commanding chip lead. I think he was gone about 10 hands later. I got to about 13th until I ran into K8 o/s.

Ed played the final table great. There were probably two good players besides him and they all …

The week ahead...

1. Pick up Ed on Tuesday at the airport (he comes in every year for jazzfest and will be going to all four days).
2. Drive to biloxi for a 6 pm tourney. Haven't decided between Beau and IP.
3. Drive home.
4. Wednesday am, Harrahs 11 am. Chop for a grand.
5. Boomtown 7 pm, piss away money in the 3-6 limit game before hand to brutal beats.
6. Thursday maybe take in a day of Jazzfest at reduced price.
7. Harrahs Thursday night. Welcome to the city guys. Glad you got some poker in before the fest tomorrow.
8. Friday am, do wedding crap. Harrahs Friday night. Oh, you are drunk and fresh from the fest, please have a seat.
9. Saturday am, I do my second day at the fest.
10. Depending on Eddie's frame of mind, I probably foolish return to Harrahs only to have others prey on my state of mind.
11. Sunday recover and play some online.

Updates to follow.

MJ in Europe...

Thanks to for this one. Here he's doing something I didn't know he did. He's also about 6 feet off the ground. Vince Carteresque if his defender were to stand under him.


I watched the Hornets crush the Mavs much to Tex's dismay. Of course I weathered bad beat after bad beat before the poker even started.

1. Took me 30 minutes to get to I-10 from my house. On a normal day that's a 5 to 10 minute trip.

2. Took a cab from harrahs to the arena. The fare is $7.00 for an arena event or the fare on the meter whichever is less. Oddly, when the meter reached 7 the cab driver told me it'd be another 10 minutes and I'd be better off walking. We were stopped at the back of a line at a light. I said fine and got out and hoofed the rest. I get to the light to turn the corner and the last couple of blocks were clear sailing. Well played sir.

2.5 As I'm late, see number 1, Tex hangs out at the smoking section and gives me his ticket and mine. Can't remember which one he scanned. When I get to the lady of course I lose the coinflip and chose wrong. When I offer the other ticket you'd have thought I tried to board an airplane with a…

Wedding Nightmares...

Headed to Harrahs 2nite after the hornets game. Going with Tex, who surprisingly given his name, is rooting for the Texas team. I'm hoping Chris Paul has a repeat performance of game 1 and if the MVP votes haven't been cast yet steals some more from Kobe. The feeling I'm getting is the MVP is already Kobe's.

Not much poker to discuss. Almost hit Harrahs on sunday night with Big Smooth but we were worried the crowds were going to be too thin. I'm definitely being a little conservative and nursing my bankroll for the Circuit Event in May. Keep having life expenses show up and eat into it. I finally got grass, so I had to buy a lawnmower. Next thing I know, the lawnmower purchase turned into flowers, mulch, potting soil, hand tools, and two car trip to Lowes. I'm learning not to do any shopping with the fiance because I always come back with more than I intended.

This weekend I endure a hellish experience. I was one of 200 people at a wedding expo. Talk a…

dolly playing beer pong

Bad Plays


I folded a set. Post flop. Yes, I folded a set. Three twos. I told the people next to me I had never done it before, and a guy quiped "Well, now you are a member of that club." Yeah, it's a school of donkfishes.

Truth be told I can rationalize the play with pretty good reasons, but ultimately as Dan Harrington said in his book... Only an idiot folds a set, it doesn't matter the rationale. If you lose set over set, you go home and don't think twice about it.

Here's the rationale, again... realize I already know I am an idiot. I doubled up on the first hand. I had chips to spare, but if I lost the pot I would be back to even with everybody. I wasn't looking to give up my chip lead. If I fold, I'm still big stack. With 2s and ample chips I limped. Multi-way pot. Bingo there is my third two. EP bets it, one caller, I come over HARD, take this pot right now. EP insta-shoves. MP sits for a while and mucks. EP is on …

Porn as a Performance Enhancer

Sure... it's been shown that porn can be a performance enhancer, but a life enhancer? A poker enhancer? BTW, if the title doesn't tip you off this might be a little NSFW...

I had a friend in college who insisted that he watch a dirty movie before going up to the fraternity row to meet ladies over beers. He swore his success rate was far higher after doing so. Anectdotal evidence... yawn. Still, if he is to be believed perhaps the natural aggresion from being horny, as a tool to overcoming natural shyness inhibitors could also be a useful tool on the felt as an instigator to agressiveness.

In Barry Greenstein's book, Ace on the river, he suggests a poker player be sexually satisfied. If you are going to be on the road for long periods of time he suggests a substitute for a wife be found in a traveling mate. His children by many last names suggests he had no difficulty in finding said substitutes. From a moral and ethical perspective I disagree with Greenstein, though…

So much poker... Let's lead off with a day of aces...

So many thoughts from last week, lessons learned, plays misplayed, and crazy situations...

I first want to give props to DaRock the ace of the IP. He followed up a second place finish in Friday's tournament with a 9th place finish in the main event at the IP Classic. Great job Darrel. I got to play a couple of tables with Darrel last week and also sweated him as he won a sit 'n go. I was really impressed with his controlled agressiveness and his sense of timing.

Of course Darrel got to see two of my bigger blunders at the table, a topic I'll get to in another post. I also, got to play with Reid twice in an eery day of Aces, last Wednesday. In the nooner, I came late and randomly got seated to Reid's right. I said in my last post I'd like to share a table with him--well I got my wish--and I should be careful what I asked for.

Hand number 1, I look down at Rockets under the gun. Sweet. I raise. Kid on the button calls. Flop comes King high two diamonds. I&#…

A Few Thoughts...

GCP Bloggers...
1. Don't know who that guy is on Gene D's blog. He is a looker but he ain't me.
2. Good to finally meet Reid. Hopefully we'll get a chance to play on the same table sometime in the near future. I really think I could learn a good bit from him.
3. DaRock has terrorized the IP in the past. I know he had a solid score at the Beau's Spring Break event but not at the IP so far.
4. The CCline, long dormant, is now firing away posts. Must have gotten a new computer or something. Wonder if he ran into any lunchboxes at his home game.
5. Goondingy? Time to come out of hibernation. Many a married man's poker game has improved after making it official. Let me know if you'll be hitting anything soon?

Friends, new and old...
1. Tex was on fire, having not booked a loser in his iPhone record book since buying it. This week, he took some tough beats and had to pop the cherry... but then he won a 2k pot in a 1-2 game. Nice score.
2. Joe Bush gets…

Great Time in Biloxi

Have really been enjoying Biloxi and the tournament Ronnie and the crew have been running at the IP. Solid structure, quality dealers, and good play. There has certainly been some juicy opportunities in the cash play that we've been able to advantage of. Run pretty well in the small fields at the Beau and the IOC's tournaments, taking 2nd in one and bubbling another. Bubbled a turbo too.

The Isle of Capris had a lot good folk and I really enjoyed the final table. I wanted to say hi to all the new friends that I met. Denis H gave me a run for my money. I felt bad about not wanting to chop but really wanted to play it out for fun and as a learning experience. I got snapped off with a small pair heads up vs. Aces. Enjoyed talking strategy with my table mates at every turn.

Will give a more detailed account when I get home.


Figured I make this a post as my reply was so long to this...

Anonymous said...
You are absolutely crazy about your App State arguement. And Ole Miss is prolly the only SEC school that would not beat them and that would be a good game
3/30/2008 4:22 PM

Name an SEC team and the team they beat on the road that equals App State's win at the Big House... How many teams did you come up with 5... 4... 3... 2... 1?

Look, I'm an SEC shill, I think the last few years there has been a clear dilenation between that conference and the rest of football, with only a few other national teams that could compete in the top of the league. That being said... go back over the last five years for 3/4 of the conference and try and find a road win as big as ASU's... Not so easy.

You can't just write that game off... because it's simply not done. If it was then all the lesser SEC teams should have it on their resumes--and they don't. Recall Michigan was what 3rd (or 5th or 8th?) team in the…