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Donkley Chopzilla, Dead Money Winnah, and more...

Lots of little tidbits:

**Congrats to all the folks I know and like, the few I know and love, and the many I know and hate, that cashed at the Beau so far.  I don't really hate anybody so that last category isn't really true but it sort of just rolled off the tongue and onto my keyboard.  Because, if I did hate them likely they wouldn't win anything as the power of my hate is so strong it's like a voodoo curse of lifelong bubbles.  Just ask CarrotTop, I started hating him 10 years ago.

**Just wrapped up the Dead Money Poker Tournament, and I'm excited that our winner was Ryan Howard from Cleveland.  He'll be a great representative for all that played and is a quality guy.  Had a lot of fun with him and his buddies following the tournament--so much so, that I am already excited about next years weekend.

He's got a great shot to go deep, with the perfect demeanor and disposition to survive the grueling test of the World Series Main Event.  I'll be doing a…

For Every Queen a King

Taking a break from that tome on my run at the IP to touch on some more recent happenings (though I will wrap up the final table).  Let's start with the Beau's Million Dollar Heater.  I played Day 1 twice.  I made it to about 160-180 both nights.  I think the first day they stopped with under 100 players and on the second around 120.  So I got to play all day twice for nothing.  I don't remember much about day1a other than not liking the final outcome.  Got to hand it to Gene D, he went out a little after me on 1A and made it through 1B and into the money.  Glad we weren't doing last longers.

On day 1b, I remarked before the tournament I was overdue for some Aces and some big hands.  I got 'em.  The Aces held and gave me some chips in good spots.  The Queens that's another story.  In poker the longer you play the more you see.  I once watched a guy at the IP get Queens like 7 times in two orbits and win every single time with them, always showing when not call…