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Bullet Points and a Crazy Hand. What would you do?

Lots of things happening right now...

-Soon, I'll get that Hurricane27 article update.  Spoilers:  Super nice kid.  Not a bot.  Owns your soul online.  How he found poker is an anomaly.  More to come.  Soon, I promise.  I'll find the time to write it up and do it justice.

-Wouldn't it be cool to have a GCP.NET Championship?  We think so.  Hopefully, it can happen... somewhere, sometime, soon (?).

-About to go Back to the Beau.  How can you not love the deeper stacks and better structures the Beau Rivage will offer when they go heads up with the WSOP Circuit event in early September.  The pros will be in town chasing points but over at the IP.  Methinks I'll be chasing all that money at the Beau.  Plus, they got Henry Garrison, Derek Dillman, and Paul Dutsch coming in to help.  Great crew there.  Think we are pretty lucky as players on the coast with the staffs at the Beau and with what's being put together at Harrah's lately.

(Who says "Methinks"?)