Deep in Event 1 at the IP

The IP has really outdone itself and it's a shame more people aren't there to experience it. The tables are all brand new, the space redone, and the dealers all competent or better. Great structure and a well run event.

John P and I signed up and agreed to exchange 10 per cent of each other. I thought about doing a last longer bet but he's relatively inexperienced so that wasn't fair. Exchanging 10% even if it was -ev for me seemed like it could make it more fun for him if I cashed and the same for me if he did.

The last longer would have been over in one hand. John flopped a boat, on the turn a flush draw got there and he got it all in hoping the guy hit his flush. He didn't. He held pocket queens. River queen ball. Okay, at least John had me to sweat after doing everything right and getting crushed.

Later that night in a cash game I told the table my buddy busted on the first hand. A reg asked "How do you bust on the first hand." Flop a boat, get it all in on the turn and get some idiot thinking pocket queens may be best prior to hitting a queen on a river. The response, "Yeah, that'll do it."

John later got in some online poker hands and crushed it so I was happy to see he didn't let the suckout get to him too badly.

As for me, I got a big stack with some big hands early getting up to about 3x of the starting stack. Then I got spewy, as I've been making a habit of doing of late, and got below the starting stack. Fun. I reigned myself back in, and was glad to have had the breathing room to afford the spews.

Play was TERRIBLE. Watched this happen: Board came out J high. Bet call. Turn was a 10. Big Bet call. River was a 10. Huge river bet putting his opponent all-in, call. First guy turned over J7, dealer said Jacks and 10s. Other guy mucks. I think I see his hand... huh?

Another player, a talented kid I final tabled a nightly with at the Beau, Alex, asked to see the hand. The dealer shows Q10. The second guy who was all in folded the winner. Had he been there the previous dealer he would have scooped the pot, because she was a stickler for making both hands turn over face up at any all-in.

The floor ruled the hand dead and it was curtains for the guy who called and didn't know what he had. They have that rule to prevent chip dumping. Okay more on my run next post...


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