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VCU in the Final Four..

I don't want to take anything away from VCU. Scratch that, as our rival I want to take everything away from VCU especially their final four. However, being rational I can't, rather I shouldn't. I can but I won't.

For those of you do want to take something or everything away from VCU, here are some excuses, you can put them in your back pocket for your next chat around the office cooler (insert elitist UR joke like you are the boss and the VCU fan is the delivery boy if it makes you feel any better):

1. They did away with staggered games, ie play-in games, before they expanded to the field of 64 because they felt the teams that played in them had an advantage getting their feet wet in the tournament. They did. Higher seeded teams playing teams cold were losing too much. Those play-in winners got a bit of momentum and were rolling with it. It was deemed to be slightly unfair. Recently, this was forgotten as 16 v. 17 obviously never had enough of an advantage to de…

On second thought...

Might as well not play the game Richmond has no shot against Kansas. Okay, the video disrespecting UR wouldn't post so here's one that will highlights of the win at the Phog:

Madness-- Two Richmond Schools to battle it out for a final four spot?

March has roared in like a lion for me in New Orleans. Mardi Gras, Irish-Italian parades, St. Patricks Day, and of course the Madness. Hasn't left much room for poker... so today I'll put on my sportswriter's cap.

This year tiny little University of Richmond with a student body of only 2800 or so is one of the last remaining 16. Reward for that? A date with Kansas one of the top two teams in the country. Does Richmond have a shot?

They've played only once before and that was in the Phog (Kansas' home Phog Allen Fieldhouse). Yeah at KU, when KU was good, and in head coach Bill Self's first year--how'd that go? The itsy-bitsy Spiders came into enemy territory, a place where KU had beaten 52 straight unranked opponents, and stole a win with a buzzer beating jumper from the top of the key (Read about it here). Consider the Spiders had to overcome a late deficit and the shot was just one of many baskets they had to make to win it was an epic performance. Right up …

No wondering Newsweek is dying a slow death...

Hate to get political for a second but I just find it hard to believe something as scatterbrained as this piece can see publication. Talk about randomly assigning cause and effect to a variety of events and then retrospectively passing judgment. I ate eggs both days I had a car wreck. Eggs cause car wrecks AND cereal doesn't.

The crux of this piece is the author thinks that because there is domino effect of revolution in the Arab world we've wasted a trillion dollars and ten years of effort fighting in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Obviously, the implication is those regimes would have also toppled in similar fashion. Which ignores about a billion different nuances or obvious differences between the countries revolting right now and the ones we waged war in.

To further dig his hole of nonsense, he suggests that "waiting out" eastern Europe was the cause of the fall of the Iron Curtain. Facts, dis…

Harrahs Cash Game after Tournament Bust-out

So, I considering not even playing cash because I had played so poorly in the Saturday tournament. I was also on a little bit of tilt because it felt like one of those days nothing was going to go right. It was... ha, ha. Still, I have chunks of time I can play and that was one of them, so I couldn't see myself walking away.

I played at a nitty 1-2 table and was a bit too speculative and missed every flop and it always seemed to hit someone else. I was about to leave getting into one of those zones where I pick up. Then... the rube of all rubes sits down.

He was such the protypical mark that I felt, and partly still feel, it might have been an act, but I wasn't there long enough for him to flip the script and start out playing everybody (that's not necessarily a good thing). Anyway, let's count the ways he rubed out.

1. He starts off by putting a hundo on the table but that's all he's got in his wallet--which normally just means he's low on cash but t…