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OT: Political Attacks

Couple of idiots in the news this past week, I hate it when people use bad logic, and dumb people just blindly follow it because they have similar political opinions and they look up to these people.  This week, to be fair and balanced, I'll go after a liberal and a conservative.  I'm sure liberals will come on here agreeing with the liberal and conservatives with the conservative and call me an enemy of both.

 Maybe I am an enemy of both parties in a two party system that promises everything to their voters and delivers nothing.  It's almost comical to me... people blindly put faith in their parties... when both parties fail, catastrophically over a period of decades, to do what they campaign for.  I've said it before on here, but if I were some nebulous group of rich and powerful, the easist way to control a populace and retain power would be to give them two options... those options split on idealogoy, and mask themselves as opposites, but both are really shades of…

Counterfeit Bill

I have one thing to discuss this week poker wise.  I've been counterfeited quite a bit recently and I think that should be my new nickname for the week Counterfeited Bill.  One of the hazards of being somewht good at poker is you figure out when you are beat, know you can't get a person off the hand with a bluff, know you don't have any implied odds to make the call, and make the correct fold... why? Because you'll rarely do the counterfeiting... so next week it's unlikely I'll call myself Counterfeiting Bill.  That means you'll give a disproportionate amount of body blows than you receive.  Course it also means you'll make more money than the suckers chasing hands when they shouldn't long run.

This brings me to my topic this week, and what I think this is the area of discipline that is hardest in poker.  You get counterfeited all day.  Doesn't matter if you price them off the draw or you price them in to risk getting a little more money before …

Dead Money NOLA table 2011

Recently wrapped up the Dead Money Poker Tournament satellite table #1 in NOLA.  Our table only had seven players after a couple of late drop-outs but we played it out with a little higher buy-in for the seat at the final table.  The aggressiveness of my wife's cousin, gave him a lot of chips early on, and I thought maybe an inside track to win the seat.  I also hit a few hands and connected on flops, that I've recently been missing, to chip up. 

He's a player I don't like to mix it up with in some respects because, I can't ever seem to know where's he at, which is a credit to him.  We dueled in one big hand where I probably should have extracted more money if not for a fear of where he was.  Usually, he does the betting for you so I was going to let him inflate the pot.  I raised with J10 suited, from the button he said "I'll play with you, Bill."  Forwhatever reason, I thought that meant he had a big hand.  Trapping with AA or KK was possible bu…

The Future is Now...

Computers talking to each other.  Fun, stimulating conversation there.  The beginning of the end?

Here's some links that interest me:
Minority Report is here.  Predictive software on supercomputers are capable enough to predict riots, revolutions and civil upheavel.  How long til people have to spam the internet to run interference on the next spot of revolt?That's Levitation Holmes.  From the folks that brought you invisibility cloaks now comes flying carpets.  There is something called Casimir force and the science behind it is quite interesting if you like quantum physics and metamaterials that theorhetically could make levitation happen at a reasonable expense of energy.David Einhorn gives up the Mets.  You remember the poker playing donating to charity main event winnings hedge fund manager who was going to save the Mets, seems he's given up that pursuit.  Also, seems like the gild is off the lily in his day job too.This one goes to 11.  Harry Shearer is a funny man (…

Weird Day at the Beau Part Two

Then he bets a brick river card for less than half of my remaining stack and left me 1600 behind. Nice value bet, jive Turkey. The Internet kid and the donkey sneer at his play and whisper "Yeah, he's got the goods but you have to call at this point." Suddenly, as I relieve myself of additional chips, the fat Brit chick Adele starts singing in my head, "You could have had it all." I call. He shows 6-6-6.

I dispiritedly throw away my hand. I grind a short stack until almost the dinner break. The guy next to me had been in my ear for three levels about my resilience in folding, basically teasing my patience as my ammunition marched away in blinds and antes... yeah I know I'm under 10 blinds again. The pimply faced Internet kid in my brain is throwing a fit.  He and a disapproving Dan Harrington are telling me just to throw the chips in. 

Then the guy next to me seems to make it a chorus.  I'm thinking... Yeah, I know it's sucks for you that you don…

Weird Day at the Beau Part One

So I've played at the Beau and at Harrahs in the last week or so. Heard the action at the Beau has been fast and furious in the cash games. Wish I had time to sit down for a spell. Considering how I run there maybe not. While at the Beau, I had a long conversation with Reid G. He alerted me to a thread on 2+2 peppered with a lot of Gulf Coasters. Think we need to try and recruit Gabe Costner to be a blogger. He gets people reading and talking that's for sure. I spent several hours reading every post in that thing, compelling stuff.

Back to the Beau, I thought their Sunday tournament would have a huge turnout and actually got there an hour early so I wouldn't have to wait in line. Mistake. I didn't take into account just how many people would be sitting it out to play the heads up tournament later in the day. The tournament on the whole was very strange, I picked up some decent hands in late position frequently in level one and basically bricked every time. But it would…