Kharma is a Big Itch part ii

I ended playing 7 hours on the day, donkley plus cash and I never saw a high pocket pair. In fact, I believe the best hand I was dealt besides a couple of AK, AQ suited, was 99 (which I had to fold to a reraise). The other pocket pair? Deuces.

Still, I ended up pulling out a winner on the day and probably due to my lack of big pairs never really had too many tough decisions.

The 99 played somewhat interesting, I don't hate my decision but I feel like I'd rather pull the trigger more often and click reload so to speak. I got them on the button and after a small raise and a few calls I got frisky with them. My table image was solid at that point so I thought I could take the pot down right there. I put out a healthy bet and the big blind, an able lady I've played with a few times, called the raise and we got one more caller. The flop came out 8 high with two hearts. She shoved. Yeah, 150 to call with about 100 in the pot.

I looked at my two red 99s and started thinking about a bad 80s song.

The other guy stewed forever and laid down. I thought for a while and felt like she was on a flush draw. That plus two overcards made her a slight favorite. That was best case scenario. She could have flopped two pair or a set and wanted to protect vs. the flush. All in was a tad much but I have seen her make that play in the past.

In my mind I said it was probably more likely she was protecting the flush but not by much. So, I decide I only had a 25% chance of winning (by that logic) and the pot wasn't enough. So, I folded and she showed AQ of hearts. The other guy said he also had AQ which I believe made it an even coin flip between me and the lady.

Still, that fold was good for me as I hit a few more hands and brought my stack back to health. A wild Asian dude sat down later when I had a big stack and made an outrageous preflop open raise and sure enough half the table called his $30 bet. In the big blind I said oh well, I got odds and call with suited j8. Flop came out j9x.

I checked and he shoved for $200. Folded around and I stewed... so weird. I folded and he showed my an Ace but swears he meant to show two. Hmmm.

Then he pulled the same move the next hand and had flopped a set of deuces. He got paid off, not by me though. He winked at me and said with a rough accent, "I learned that in school..." What school? Poker school? "The school of hard knocks" and then he laughed like a crazy man.

I started to bleed some chips and I realized I was getting tired so called it a day finishing up quite a bit.


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